PureVPN Launches Dedicated App Exclusively for Apple TV Users

PureVPN Launches Dedicated App Exclusively for Apple TV Users

PureVPN Launches Dedicated App Exclusively for Apple TV Users: Sometimes, to watch shows on Netflix and Disney+ from different parts of the world, we use something called a VPN. But, Apple TV users had a problem: they couldn’t put other VPNs on their system. Good news! With the new tvOS 17 update, they can now use VPN apps. And guess what? The popular PureVPN is one of the first to offer an app just for tvOS 17. Cool, right?

PureSquare’s subsidiary company, PureVPN, is leading the way in VPN services. They’re one of the first to launch a special VPN app just for Apple TV! This big step changes the game in the digital world. Now, Apple TV fans don’t have to deal with tricky VPN router settings. Instead, they can enjoy an easy and fun experience!

Pure VPN
Source: Puresquare

Features: Use PureVPN’s Apple TV VPN App

  1. Click and Connect: With just one tap on your home screen, you can connect to the best server for browsing. We’ve made sure it works fast and smooth for you.
  2. Pick Your Server Easily: Want to choose a specific VPN server location? It’s a piece of cake! Use the easy search tool. Plus, you don’t need to mess with tricky router settings anymore. Everything works right on your device.
  3. Save Your Favorite Spots: Do you have favorite cities or countries on Apple TV you connect to often? Save them! This way, you won’t have to find them every time.
  4. Easy Set-Up for Apple TV: Thanks to Apple TV’s tvOS 17, setting up PureVPN is super simple. Just grab the PureVPN app from the app store on your device, sign in, and pick a location to connect.
  5. Try It Out for Free: Not sure if you’ll like it? No worries. You can test the app with a full free trial. Experience all the cool features and watch your favorite shows without a break.
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All About PureVPN

PureVPN just launched a cool new app that makes using the internet safer and more fun. Their goal? To make the internet easy and safe for everyone to use. If you love watching shows and movies, this app gives you a great streaming experience while keeping your information private. With this app, Apple users all over the world can enjoy shows and movies without borders.

You can find PureVPN on many devices like computers (Windows and macOS), smartphones (Android and iOS), Android TV, web browsers, Linux, and even the Amazon Fire TV Stick. So, no matter what device you’re using, PureVPN keeps your browsing safe and smooth.

Source: PureVPN

VPN App running on tvOS

1: First go to the App Store to download PureVPN.

PureVPN purchase

2: After downloading, log in. Users can log in with a QR Code on their mobile phone, which will be easier.

PureVPN Sign up page
Users can log in with a QR Code

3: Select VPN Location.

Select VPN Location

4: After successful connection, the word VPN will appear in the user profile on the upper right.

5. Go to an IP in a different region, and then use Netflix to watch region-limited movies! Thats it! Done.

6500+ VPN Servers worldwide

PureVPN offers more than 6,500 servers across 78 countries and 96 locations. You can change your IP address to places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom using PureVPN.

They also support other countries like India, Turkey, Argentina, and Brazil. This feature helps users get “low-price” offers for YouTube Premium, Netflix, and Disney+.

Supports all major platforms and can be used

PureVPN supports more than 20 devices. In addition to iPhone, iPad, and Android, it also supports FireTV, Linux, Android TV, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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