Logitech MX Vertical vs Logitech MX Master 3: MX Series Mouse Comparision

Logitech MX Vertical vs Logitech MX Master 3

After the office-oriented mice of the MX Master series, Logitech now also offers office workers a high-quality and ergonomically designed mouse in the form of the MX Vertical. The unusual shape is adapted to the natural hand position, helping to avoid cramps and pain during prolonged use—people with existing joint pain benefit in particular.

In terms of technology, the mouse with an excellent optical sensor and a touch bar on the top activates special functions with various gestures, including, for example, opening the calculator or changing the sample rate. The somewhat clumsy mouse is less suitable for games or other intensive activities. At around 100 USD, it is also relatively expensive.

Logitech MX Vertical

AT FIRST GLANCE, the MX Master 3 shows that ergonomics are in the foreground here. It weighs 142g – that’s quite a chunk. The mouse has a scroll wheel that you can release with the press of a button so that it rotates without resistance. This allows you to scroll through long lists quickly. The mouse wheel is magnetically rastered. This makes free spinning feel more comfortable than the competition.

Logitech also relies on a darkfield sensor that, with 4,000 dpi, is sufficiently powerful for all activities and at the same time works on almost any surface – even on glass, where other optical sensors fail. The mouse supports Logitech Flow, a system that allows you to switch computers, for example, without replugging or reconnecting.

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Logitech MX Master 3


Logitech MX VerticalLogitech MX Master 3
Hand position prevents joint problemsUninterrupted wireless operation
Rubberized coating of the grip surfaceIncredible scroll wheel
Fast charging via USB-CExcellent battery life 
Hardly suitable for gamesNonspecific DPI adjustment
Relatively expensiveRelatively expensive


Logitech MX VerticalLogitech MX Master 3
Model  MX VerticalMX Master 3
Weight135 g141 g
Dimension120 x 79 x 78.5 mm124 x 84 x 51 mm
Material PlasticPlastic
Sensor OpticalLazer
Polling Rate133 Hz133 Hz
ConnectivityWired USB Type-C
DPI4000 Max4000 Max
Battery life120 days70 days
Wireless ChargingNoNo
SoftwareLogitech Options + Logitech Options +
CompatibilityLinux, Mac, Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows,

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