Monster Hunter Rise: Most Useful Tips For A Comfortable Game

Monster Hunter Rise

The new part of the Monster Hunter series, subtitled Rise, has finally made it to PC, which means that fans of the franchise have another opportunity to feel like a real hunter. We decided to collect the most useful tips for a comfortable game that will help you develop effective and fight virtual monsters of any kind. So get comfortable; it’s time to hunt!

Monster Hunter Rise is a co-op exotic action game prepared for handheld platforms but released for PC on Steam thanks to the generosity of Capcom. The publisher did not fail.

At its peak, Rise amassed over 109,000 players, surpassing Resident Evil Village, last year’s singles hit. And if the Village is more or less familiar and understandable to the audience, then the Monster Hunter series, despite the global popularity of the Monster hunter world, remains an incomprehensible curiosity for the broad masses of players.

It is possible that the Switch release negatively affected the popularity of the novelty – fans have already played more than one hundred hours. But those who have the opportunity to compare versions note the tightened graphics, stable frame rate, openness to newcomers, as well as improved co-op for 4 players.

Quests and everything related to them

Quests and everything related to them

Let’s start with some recommendations that not all players follow. You’ll need to complete side missions if you want to efficiently level up your character and become the best hunter in Monster Hunter Rise’s realm. They improve your character’s powers by giving you new weapon talents, assisting you in finding original Palamut equipment, and granting you access to rare foods. So, if you want to level up quickly and make your character an effective hunter, don’t overlook side missions. If you’re not sure what to perform in a certain task, read the magazine; the quest goals are always listed there.

You don’t have to waste time in the hub completing quests that aren’t related to the main storey. This is a waste of time because you can level up your character’s rank by completing only one unique mission as you move through the plot, which is typically faster than torturing yourself with monotonous hub duties.

Furthermore, you will return to these objectives after dealing with Magnamal in accordance with the plot. Also, keep in mind that creatures in hub quests are generally more powerful than those in the campaign.

As you continue through the tasks, I recommend that you go over each site carefully. In Monster Hunter Rise, there are numerous surprises ranging from the obvious to hidden Easter eggs. Your attentiveness might sometimes work in your favour and provide a great benefit.

Pay attention to the secret notes as well, as they contain a lot of Kamura points. At the same time, it is quite challenging to search for them, so I advise you to use the guides on the Internet immediately. Monster Hunter Rise has been out on Switch for quite some time, and fans have spent many hours searching for all of the hidden notes to help you out. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

Map and resources

First of all, remember that Great Wirebugs are always marked on the map and remain in the specified location forever. As you progress through Monster Hunter Rise, they are updated, and by returning to the specified point, you can get a new portion from the NPC. The map also shows the location of all resources and small mobs.

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Resources and monsters respawn in an average of 8 minutes of real-time. When you arrange another location sweep, remember this so that you can run from point to point, and monsters or resources immediately appear there.

By the way, resources from small creatures will be needed to craft armor, so they are also useful.

As soon as you reach hunter rank 5, additional enemies will begin to invade the location. You should be on the alert and stock up on resources to emerge victorious from the fight. On the map, these opponents will not be marked.

Hubs have chests with free resources and heal. Always take them to make hunting more comfortable. This stuff is enough to go through the entire story campaign. The main thing to remember is that free resources will disappear after the end of the hunt, so it’s stupid to let the good disappear just like that.

And finally, on the topic of resources: always take insects, grass, and mushrooms. These are consumables, but in the late game, they will quickly disappear for useful things. Therefore, it would be wiser from the very beginning of the passage of Monster Hunter Rise to fill your pockets with them, so that later you do not face a shortage of useful resources.

Weapons and armor

Weapons and armor

If you want to hunt successfully, then you will have to constantly upgrade your weapons and armor. Moreover, in Monster Hunter Rise, you can even take equipment that does not suit your type, but it will still be more effective if it is a rank higher than the current one.

As for the type of damage, the physical is the most effective. It works great against any monster, so you shouldn’t invent a bicycle and try to craft weapons with some unusual types of damage.

I recommend draining all resources at the start to create and upgrade weapons of various types.

At the beginning of this, goodness will be in bulk, and you can try yourself as a hunter with different equipment, after which you will choose the most comfortable, and in the future, you will begin to feel more comfortable. In addition, any high-rank weapon in the future can be crafted using current resources. That is, you have nothing to lose with this approach.

As for low-level spheres, they can be safely spent on armor, you won’t need them in the late game. But it’s better not to spend spheres of level 2 and above, in the later stages of Monster Hunter Rise, they will be priceless.

Also, be sure to use talismans. Even the first levels, give useful bonuses and help in hunting. As for decorative items, absolutely all of them at level 1 are useless. Decorations of level 2 and above are more attractive but will not be helpful to you in the late game. Accordingly, it is not worth paying attention to this game element and certainly not spending resources on it.

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To begin with, it is worth noting that in Monster Hunter Rise, each weapon must be used for a specific purpose. For example, swords and sabers are suitable for depriving a monster of a tail, and hammers quickly break the skull and armor. It makes no sense to immediately run at a creature with impressive protection, having some kind of spear with you. You will most likely quickly go to the next world, and this will end your hunt.

Also, do not forget to monitor the sharpening of weapons carefully. After each fight, it should be done to feel more confident in the next fight.

Be aware of traps. For some reason, some Monster Hunter Rise players do not use them and thereby make themselves worse.

In fact, it is the traps that will help to catch the monster, weaken it, and, with a high probability, thanks to them, you will emerge victorious from the fight. In addition, your Palico will tell you in time when to use the trap, so this will not be a problem.

As for the fight itself, then carefully monitor the behavior of the monster. For example, if the enemy is furious, he will rush around the location like a madman, depriving you of the opportunity to approach and strike. In this case, it is effective to attack from a distance, and when the monster can be slowed down or calms down, you can come closer. At the same time, look at the place of the duel itself, since the features of the location significantly affect the outcome of the battle. Do not forget that you can ride each monster, though you will have only one chance to do so after your own attacks.

Once again, you can saddle the monster after its fight with another creature or if you caught a pair battle of mobs. The only problem is that in Monster Hunter Rise , monsters rarely go crowd to crowd. So it’s better to count on a maximum of 2 opportunities to saddle the beast, if you are interested.

And to ensure that the hunt is effective, do not forget to use Dango. They give various bonuses that will significantly strengthen your character and even help turn the tide of the fight with the monster.



A true hunter in Monster Hunter Rise must be able to handle the book of monsters properly. It clearly describes the percentage of obtaining one or another loot in different situations, for example, if you catch a monster or deprive it of some part of the body.

Immediately read the information about the production from the monster, and then start the battle so as not to get into a situation where you spent a lot of time killing, but did it in such a way that it would no longer be possible to get the desired resource.

To fight monsters more effectively, I recommend collecting permabuffs and using assistants for hunting. Finding a partner is easy – you need to look at the mini-map, which shows the nearest ones. I would recommend taking them for any battle because extra hands will not hurt you in such long fights.

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In the village, you will find various activities to improve your animals and partners. First of all, you should regularly buff your living creatures with Argosy because the more valuable the improvement, the more resources they will get for you in the future.

As for Mercenaries, they level up by completing tasks. When you are in the village, do not forget to send free fighters to various quests. By the way, to make them even stronger, you can complete tasks from Master Inukai. As a reward, you will often receive new equipment for partners.

Also, to the activities in the village, I would add more quests from the cook. New food gives new bonuses; respectively, this is a crucial part of the passage of Monster Hunter Rise. Well, regularly take ready-made meals from the cooks. They will give you Dango Tickets, which will increase the chance of getting bonuses for all the food you have.



Rampage is a new kind of quest where you have to fend off waves of enemies while in your stronghold. You can do this both alone and in a group with other players. However, if you are serious about succeeding in Rampage, then do not even try to complete such tasks alone; they are designed strictly for multiplayer passage.

Remember that your fortress has a level, but it only grows within one defense against a wave of monsters and does not proceed to the next Rampage quest.

In the process of passing, you will have to face rams that will storm the fortress. Please do not wait for them to stop; immediately use traps that will slow them down.

Rampage is engaging because there are several stages. At first, you need to spend resources and units to a minimum to leave all the power for the final stage.

You will also have a set of cards with everything you need in battle; they should also be kept for the last wave.

If you are faced with the Apex monster in the final, then use all the power left. We are talking about traps, cards, and other useful gadgets that you have in Rampage.

Apex monsters mostly stun and use AoE attacks, so be prepared. Distraction puppets will work great to ward off this creature if you have distraction puppets. Do not forget that the Apex monster is constantly moving and will not linger in one place.

In conclusion, I will also say that they have additional tasks on Rampage quests. Try to complete as much as possible to get valuable loot and, in general, get the most out of passing such quests.

We tried to collect the most valuable tips for players that should help beginners and those already familiar with the series with the passage. Monster Hunter Rise has not changed much compared to previous parts of the franchise, but the game has specific features.