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QPAD MK 40 Pro Membranical vs Viper V770 RGB: Gaming Keyboard

It is sometimes difficult to make your own set-up yourself to know which component to choose. With a large number of brands and manufacturers on the market, supply has since clearly exceeded demand. Today, we will give you our opinion on the newcomer of the QPAD brand, the QPAD MK40.

  • Key switch Membrane switching technology
  • N Key Roll Over 19 keys – N Key Roll Over
  • Lifespan of key strokes 8000000
  • Lighting Three colors (green, yellow, red)
  • Lighting features 4 brightness levels
  • Connectors USB connector
  • Cable 1.8 meter PVC cable
  • Dimensions Keyboard: 17.3 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches
  • Wrist pad: 17.3 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches

The PC gaming market is getting juicier. And we can also see the arrival of various new brands on the market. Each tries to differentiate itself by many features and sometimes unbeatable prices. Viper Gaming is one of those brands trying to break into our French-speaking market. After giving us a try on their V380 7.1 gaming headset, we now x-ray the V770 mechanical keyboard.

  • 100% mechanical red Kailh switches
  • Detachable magnetic LED illuminated palm rest
  • Full spectrum RGB LEDs, customizable backlit keys with up to 16.8 million colors.
  • 108 programmable macro keys
  • 5 additional dedicated macro keys
  • Aircraft grade aluminum chassis
  • USB pass-through port
  • Audio pass-through port
  • Dedicated multimedia control keys
  • Dedicated volume wheel and squelch
  • Dedicated light effects control keys
  • Game Mode
  • Rollover 109 key and anti-ghosting
  • 5 profile control keys
  • 10-level LED response management
  • Multi-level LED brightness adjustment

Pros and Cons

QPAD MK40 ProViper V770 RGB
A sober and refined design5 macro keys arranged on the left
Easy to useSuperb RGB lighting
Pleasant click sensations3.5mm jack adapter for gaming headsets
Basic RGBToo much plastic in the chassis

The QPAD MK40 does quite well in terms of finishes by opting for a simple yet elegant design. Having a black tint with the Q symbol in the upper right corner, the keyboard has a slightly beveled and silver rim which accentuates its all-purpose design. We are, therefore, quite seduced by its design both in terms of materials and in terms of its design. Therefore, it will go well enough with your set-up if, of course, you have opted for classic equipment.

With the keyboard, you will find a wrist rest placed on the keyboard using small screws and tabs present in the box. We were quite surprised at this choice since many builders prefer placement and support using a magnet. So it may seem that the structure can be fragile, but having tried it, we have so far had no problems and stability and rather at the rendezvous.

Once out of its rather elaborate packaging, the V770 from Viper Gaming directly gives a glimpse of its respectable dimensions. The wiring looks very solid in red and black braided fabric. One of the notable features of the V770 is undoubtedly the integration of a USB 2.0 port on the left of the keyboard and a 3.5mm jack port on the right. This is, of course, intended for connecting a headset. Thoughtful shortcuts that will prevent players from plugging their peripherals into or behind their tower.

The frame combines aluminum and plastic. The heart of the keyboard includes the aluminum skeleton while it blends into the plastic to form the rim. Although everything is finely assembled, we would have liked the whole chassis to be aluminum. In any case, this is what most mid-range keyboards already on the market offer.


QPAD MK40 Pro Viper V770 RGB
Dimensions43.9 x 14 x 4.5 cm22.9 x 3.8 x 49.5 cm
Weight1.0 kg1.0 kg
CompatibilityWindows, Mac OSWindows, Mac OS


QPAD MK40 Pro- As for our impressions after use, we must admit that for a cheap keyboard, the quality is there even if some details deserve to be reviewed. In terms of feel and pressure, there is no problem to describe, the keyboard is responsive, and the typing experience is quite good. However, it must be admitted that it will be necessary to exert some pressure on the keys to act. This means that the QPAD MK40 is not sensitive, on the contrary. Being a membrane keyboard, it is also normal for the membrane to make noise when pressing a key, so this is not a problem since it will appeal to lovers of this type of keyboard. It will just be necessary to avoid thinking that once the “click” of the key has been activated, the action is automatically carried out.

As for the backlight, this model has a palette of 3 choices, red, green, and yellow. These 3 colors can be chosen by the player directly using a key on the keyboard and not using a program. You just have to be careful because the backlight is, in our opinion, not strong enough to distinguish the keys well in the dark, which can be annoying for night gamers.

To have an optimal gaming experience, our partner allowed us to couple the keyboard to a pack of 22 non-slip keys. You will find inside a tool to remove the keys from the original keyboard and place the new ones without too much difficulty. Therefore, the major advantage of these keys is to ensure a good touch between your fingers and the keys and to interact more effectively. The material is pleasant and allows us to have better comfort, especially when we are caught in the heat of the action of our game. Obviously, the texture will not please everyone, but this system really allows avoiding miss-clicks or errors in the middle of the game.

Viper V770 RGB- The top edge of the Viper Gaming V770 keyboard includes many options, but they will have to be identified using the manual since the signage used does not seem very clear to us. In reality, on the left are dedicated keys to customize the RGB appearance of the keyboard. It should still be noted that the visual identity of the V770 is special. Its wrist rest, in particular, uses RGB lighting over its entire length with the brand logo illuminated. The effect is quite convincing, and these keys allow you to change this look without going through the free software.

On the right are 3 sliders that move up and down to operate the media playback functions shown on the left. Again, it is not very clear. We would have liked these indications to be placed below the cursor concerned. Finally, the right dial, slightly notched and clickable, will adjust the volume or cut it off.

On the left, the keyboard contains 5 macro keys. This is usually good enough for most players. These macros can be configured through Viper Gaming software and are very permissive. They range from in-game shortcuts to predefined text. After all, a gaming keyboard with a numeric keypad is also a must for editorial staff.

The Viper Gaming Keyboard V770 comes with mechanical keys delivering crisp responsiveness for almost instant linear activation. The sensations are perfect, even if we would have preferred a little less resistance in returning the keys. The manufacturer’s free software will allow the key response time to be adjusted from 20 ms to 2 ms.

Overall, the Viper Gaming V770 keyboard is convincing, but it still needs some tweaking. For a model sold for more than 200 $, we would perhaps have liked less plastic in its construction and clearer indications for the various shortcuts. But in any case, it is enough to offer the majority of players the sensations and responsiveness they are looking for in any video game. Small honorable mention all the same for having thought of integrating a USB and an Audio Pass Through on the sides, which quickly connects a complementary peripheral.


QPAD MK40 Pro- Being very far from high-end keyboards and exceeding the bar of the hundred euros, QPAD makes available to players a cheap keyboard, but above all functional. Admittedly, it does not have many functions, and its low lighting makes night games crippling, but its reliability and robustness make this product an asset for players with small budgets. In addition, its sober and elegant design makes it go wonderfully in most set-ups and gaming installations or not.

Overall, the Viper Gaming V770 keyboard is convincing, but it still needs some tweaking. For a model sold for more than $200, we would perhaps have liked less plastic in its construction and clearer indications for the various shortcuts. But in any case, it is enough to offer the majority of players the sensations and responsiveness they are looking for in any type of video game. Small honorable mention all the same for having thought of integrating a USB and an Audio Pass Through on the sides, which quickly connects a complementary peripheral.


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