ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini vs Fnatic Streak65: 65% Keyboard Comparision

ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini vs Fnatic Streak65

This is Roccat’s first 65% keyboard. It sticks out with its sophisticated design and RGB lighting. The model is offered at a base price of around $129 and works only in wired mode. It comes with the new Roccat Titan optical switches.

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The Fnatic Streak65 is a 65% mechanical keyboard. FPS players that want more mouse space should use this. It has some of the most responsive low-profile switches on the market, which is great for competitive gamers. For about $99.99, it’s one of our favourites right now, if it fits your needs.

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Today we are comparing these 65 % of keyboards. The ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini vs Fnatic Streak65. Let’s see which one you should buy!

Pros and Cons

ROCCAT Vulcan II MiniFnatic Streak65
Compact form factorCompact, 60-percent design
Superb RGB lighting16.8 million color RGB lighting
Speedy optical switchesFour dedicated macro keys
Light weightGreat customization software
Slick ABS keycapsMatte keys show fingerprints.
No wireless connectionsNo wireless connections


ROCCAT Vulcan II MiniFnatic Streak65
ReleasedAug 30, 2022Nov 19, 2020
Dimensions324 x 116 x 31 mm317 x 108 x 22 mm
Weight542g400 g
Form Factor65%65%
Adjustable heightYes, double kick standYes
Processor32-bit ARM Cortex M3
Connectivity1.8m braided USB-C to USB-A cableWired, USB type-C
SwitchesRoccat Titan II optical redFNATIC SPEED (low-profile)
Profile On-board54
LifespanUp to 100 million pressesUpto 50 million presses
Polling rate1,000Hz1000Hz
RGBPer-key dual LEDRGB 16.8m Colors
SoftwareROCCAT SWARMFnatic OP software


The Vulcan II Mini is Roccat’s first ultra-compact mechanical keyboard. Fans can choose between the traditional “Full-Size” model, the TKL model, and this new 65% version.

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The keyboard isn’t ground-breaking. Aside from the design, the rest is traditional. Wireless connectivity or a “Hot-Swap” design could have been included in Roccat’s $149 price tag.

It’s difficult to recommend it over the competition at that price. Both the Fnatic Streak65 and the Razer Huntsman Mini (60% format) cost less than $100. For less than $140, the Cooler Master CK721 offers a 65% format and wireless.

The Fnatic Streak65 mechanical keyboard is excellent. It should meet the most demanding competitive players’ expectations by being compact, solid, and efficient.

We like how well-thought-out it is, with full and easy-to-use features hidden behind what looks like a simple design. Its 65% format does not limit gaming use while typically freeing up space for its mouse.

Nothing to complain about in terms of performance. The new linear switches brilliantly combine reactivity and stability, putting you at ease right away.

At around 140 USD, the new Streak65 has a lot of competition in the compact gaming keyboard market. It is also one of the few models (65%) with an AZERTY keyboard. Another important thing that Fnatic has done is to become a real standard in the peripherals industry.