SoundCore Liberty 4 NC vs SoundCore Liberty 4 Earbuds: Should You Upgrade

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC vs SoundCore Liberty 4

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC vs SoundCore Liberty 4 Earbuds.Welcome to this head-to-head comparison of the SoundCore Liberty 4 NC vs SoundCore Liberty 4.

The SoundCore Liberty 4 NC and the SoundCore Liberty 4 Earbuds. These earbuds are known for their impressive design and features. We will discuss the key differences between them and help you determine if it’s worth upgrading to either of these models.

Pros and Cons

Liberty 4 NCLiberty 4
Enhanced app, LDAC codec,
improved ANC, deeper bass,
sound compensation.
Heart rate sensor, squeeze controls, crisper mids/highs, better transparency.
No heart rate sensor,
touch controls might not be for all, needs fit adjustments, multi-point pairing issues,
less transparent mode.
Lesser ANC capability, possibly inferior app support.


Liberty 4 NCLiberty 4
Color White, Black, Light Blue, Navy Blue, PinkBlack, White, Nova Red, Sky Blue
MaterialMostly plasticSimilar to Liberty 4 NC
LED IndicatorYes Yes
Earbud SizeRegular fitMore sleek and slim
Control MechanismPush ButtonTap Control
(ANC)Adaptive 2.0 ANCANC
Wireless ChargingYesYes
USB Type-C ChargingYesYes
BassRegularMore depth
Heart rateNoYes
Battery LifeUp to 50 hoursUp to 28 hours
Fast charging10 min= 4 hrs15 min= 3 hrs
Wireless chargingYesYes

Key Differences

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC vs SoundCore Liberty 4 Earbuds

Certification and Streaming

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: High-res Wireless certified with LDAC codec streaming on Android devices.

SoundCore Liberty 4: The article doesn’t mention if it has the same certifications.

Heart Rate Sensor

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Excluded the heart rate sensor.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Included a heart rate sensor.


SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Uses touch controls.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Uses squeeze controls.

Driver System

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Uses a single large 11mm driver in each earbud.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Features a sophisticated coaxial driver system.

Battery Life

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Up to 10 hours per charge and 50 hours total with the charging case. Supports wireless charging.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Lesser battery life than the 4 NC, exact duration not specified in the article.

Noise Canceling

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Improved active noise canceling, cutting more noise in general compared to the Liberty 4.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Lesser ANC capability compared to 4 NC.

Call Quality

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Loud and full voice pickup in quiet conditions but not as clean as Liberty 4 in noisy conditions.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Cleaner sound in noisy conditions than 4 NC.

Sound Quality and Tuning

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: V-shaped signature tuning with heavy emphasis on bass and upper mids, and deeper bass response than Liberty 4.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Sounds crisper in mids and highs compared to 4 NC.

Sound Compensation Feature

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: New feature which increases the bass if the buds detect leakage.

SoundCore Liberty 4: This feature is not mentioned for Liberty 4.


SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Requires shifting to get a proper seal for optimal noise canceling.

SoundCore Liberty 4: The article does not detail the fit.

Multi-point Pairing Issue

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: Issues with switching playback between devices without disconnecting one device first.

SoundCore Liberty 4: The article does not mention any such issues.

Transparency Mode

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC: When activated, ambient sounds still sound muffled.

SoundCore Liberty 4: Offers better transparency than the 4 NC.


The SoundCore Liberty 4 Earbuds are available in three different colors: black, white, and a stylish purple. They have a sleek and slim profile, which makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods. On the other hand, the SoundCore Liberty 4 NC come in a vibrant blue color and feature a push-button design. While the design is subjective, many users prefer the sleek profile of the Liberty 4 Earbuds.

Both earbuds come with LED lights that indicate battery life and charging status. They also offer wireless charging capabilities, which is a convenient feature for those who prefer a cable-free charging experience. Additionally, both models have USB Type-C ports for wired charging.

Soundcore Liberty 4 NC VS Soundcore Liberty 4 design

SoundCore Liberty 4 NC:

  • Available in a striking blue color and three other colors.
  • The earbud design is cool and predominantly plastic.
  • The box’s design doesn’t have a capacitive button.
  • Features LED light for battery indication, charging status, and battery level.
  • Has microphones integrated into the design.
  • Charging mechanism includes wireless charging and a USB type-c port.

SoundCore Liberty 4:

  • Comes in four color variations: black, white, purple, and champagne (gold-like color).
  • The design profile sits comfortably in the ear.
  • The design of the box is different with a push-up button for the lid.
  • Features an active push button for functions, which is unique.
  • Comes with multiple earbud sizes; the largest ones are highlighted as best-fitting.
  • LED indicators inside the earbuds show when they’re connected or charging.

Both headphones flaunt impeccable designs with minor differences. Both cases are constructed with plastic, compact, light, and resilient to shocks. The Liberty 4 has an elongated LED on the top, while the Liberty 4 NC sports a striking LED line on its front, giving it a futuristic feel.


In terms of aesthetics, both models offer a variety of color options. The Liberty 4 NC is available in white, black, light blue, navy blue, and pink. The Liberty 4 offers shades of black, white, Nova red, and sky blue.

Along with that the Liberty 4 earbuds are smaller, which, for some users, might translate to better comfort and fit. In comparison, some may find the Liberty 4 NC slightly less snug.

Common Features

Charging Cases: Both earbuds have similar-sized charging cases, supporting wireless charging.

Connection: They both offer multi-point connectivity, allowing users to connect two devices simultaneously.

Sound: High-res audio support is common, thanks to the ldac codec.

Water Resistance: Both come with an IPX4 water-resistant rating, ensuring durability against splashes.

Additional Features

Spatial Audio: Liberty 4’s spatial audio with head tracking ensures an immersive experience. Though Liberty 4 NC has 3D surround sound, it lacks head tracking.

Gaming Mode: For gamers, Liberty 4 NC offers a dedicated mode to minimize lag and latency.

Fitness and Wellness: A standout feature of Liberty 4 is its heart rate sensor and in-app wellness section. It’s akin to merging earbuds with a fitness tracker. Users can monitor their heart rate, stress, neck posture, and even engage in workout routines.


The Liberty 4 NC employs touch-sensitive controls, providing functionalities like single tap, double tap, triple tap, and a tap-and-hold option. In contrast, the Liberty 4 utilizes squeeze controls which some might find more accurate. Both earbuds have an automatic play/pause feature.

Battery Life

The Liberty 4 NC houses a 55mAh battery in each earbud and an 800mAh battery in its case. This setup offers up to 10 hours of playback on the buds and 50 hours in total with the case. The Liberty 4, on the other hand, doesn’t explicitly mention the battery capacities, but you can get up to 9 hours of playback, reduced to 7 hours with ANC, and a total of 28 hours with the case.


Both models are equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and support the LDAC codec, in addition to being certified with Hi-Res Audio Wireless. They both can connect binaurally, allowing users to use just one earbud if needed, and can be paired with two devices simultaneously.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is, of course, the crucial factor. The Liberty 4 NC uses a single 11mm Dynamic Driver with low distortion tech, while the Liberty 4 employs a dual Dynamic Driver of 9.2mm and 6mm. Both offer exceptional sound quality, but if you’re after more clarity and detail, the Liberty 4 NC might slightly edge out.

Both can be tweaked with a custom EQ, but in essence, the NC focuses on bass, while the Liberty 4 accentuates treble.

Noise Cancellation

Upon closer inspection, the Liberty 4 NC has a slight edge in noise cancellation. It uses SoundCore’s adaptive 2.0 noise cancellation, which adjusts based on ear canal and surrounding environment in real-time. While the Liberty 4 also uses adaptive noise cancellation, adjustments to the ear canal need manual input.

Furthermore, the Liberty 4 NC gives you five levels of manual noise cancellation, whereas Liberty 4 offers just three. And if that wasn’t enough, the NC version has transportation modes to enhance the noise-canceling experience.

Surprisingly, the SoundCore Liberty 4 Earbuds, despite being more budget-friendly, offer stronger ANC performance. They are better at canceling out external noise and providing a more immersive listening experience. It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, but based on user feedback, the Liberty 4 Earbuds seem to outperform the Liberty 4 NC in terms of ANC.


The Liberty 4 NC is priced at $100, but early bird offers can bring it down to $80. On the other hand, the Liberty 4 comes with a tag of $150, though Amazon often has it for around $130.


In the sub-$100 category, the Liberty 4 NC is a formidable contender, especially for those wanting noise cancellation. However, if you’re willing to shell out a bit more, the Liberty 4, with its superior sound, mic quality, and wellness features, is a worthy investment.

Both headphones are commendable. If you’re after slightly better sound clarity and a more pocket-friendly price, the Liberty 4 NC might be the way to go. However, the Liberty 4 with its heart rate sensor might appeal to those keen on fitness tracking. Both choices promise a quality experience.