LINE App: How To Keep The PC Version of Line Logged In

How To Keep The PC Version Of Line Logged In

Unlike the smartphone version of LINE and the iPad version of LINE, where the login status is maintained, the PC (personal computer) version of LINE is automatically logged out every time. It is worth to prevent unauthorized access, but some people may find it troublesome to log in by entering their email address and password every time.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce how to automatically log in with the PC version of LINE (Mac / Windows). In addition, we will explain the causes and remedies for problems such as being unable to log in automatically and being logged out without permission.

Here we show you how to set up automatic login on the PC version of LINE. In addition, automatic log in can be set only on LINE for Windows and Mac. It cannot be set in the Chrome version of LINE.

[Caution] Automatic login setting on a PC shared with others is not recommended.

With automatic login settings, you don’t have to enter your password every time, and you won’t be notified of your login.

Therefore, if you set the automatic login setting for a computer shared with others,there is a high possibility that you will not notice even if you are logged in illegally by a third party. Avoid setting automatic login on a computer other than your own.

Check Auto Login

When you start the LINE app, and the login screen is displayed, check “Log me in Automatically“.

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How To Keep The PC Version Of Line Logged In

The item “Autorun when Windows starts” is also displayed for the Windows version. If you want to start up the LINE app and login when you start your computer, it is convenient to turn it on.

A caution message will be displayed . Read it and click OK if there is no problem.

QR Code Login

How To Keep The PC Version Of Line Logged In

If you check “Automatic login,” log in to your LINE account using any method you like. As of May 2022, the following three login methods are available.

  • Method 1: Enter your email address and password to log in
  • Method 2: Read the QR code displayed on the right side with the smartphone version of LINE
  • Method 3: Log in using biometrics on your smartphone (Face ID or Touch ID for iPhone, fingerprint authentication for Android smartphones, etc.)
QR Code login

A notification message will be displayed . Read it and click OK if there is no problem.

Logout and Login Again Line

Click the Exit button on the menu bar on the left side of the screen to open the LINE app again. If automatic login is applied correctly, login operations such as password entry should be omitted, and you should be able to open LINE immediately on your computer.

  1. You can also enable automatic login from “Settings.” From the menu bar, go to → Settings.
  2. Open the “Basic Settings” tab and check the “Automatic login” for the Mac version, “Automatic login” for the Windows version, and “Automatic execution when Windows starts.” If you want to stop the automatic login setting, click it again to uncheck it.
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If you change the email address or password registered in LINE, all devices logged in with the old email address and password will be forcibly logged out.

This will also cancel the automatic login, so you will have to log in again with your new email address and password.