SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro Wireless Earphone With Bluetooth 5.2 Review


Today, we would like to introduce the latest ANC-equipped complete wireless earphone, SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro, from SOUNDPEATS.

The major feature of this “SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro” is that it is equipped with ANC (active noise cancelling), despite the relatively low price range of 55 USD. In addition, the sound quality is well-balanced from the high range to the low range, and you can enjoy a crisp and energetic sound.

The earphone body is also very lightweight and compact, so it is worth considering if you want to use a completely wireless earphone equipped with ANC easily. Regarding specifications, Bluetooth 5.2 / aptx Adaptive compatible (QCC3046) / Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology adopted / Type-C high-speed charging compatible, personally enough impression.

SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro includes:

SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro includes

  • SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro Earphone x 2 (L / R 1 set)
  • Ear tip x 3 sets (S / M / L: M is already set in the main body)
  • Charging case x 1
  • USB-C charging cable x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1


  • Driver: 12mm dynamic driver
  • Built-in microphone for calls: High-sensitivity MEMS microphone * 2 (one side)
  • Body dimensions (L * W * H): 60 * 24 * 45 mm (including case)
  • Weight: Approximately 4.5g (earphone / one side) Approximately 36.8g (charging case + both sides of earphone)
  • Waterproof standard: IPX4
  • Noise Canceling: ANC Noise Canceling / cVc8.0 Call Noise Canceling
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Chipset: Qualcomm 3046
  • Corresponding profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Supported codecs: aptX-Adaptive, aptX, AAC, SBC
  • Communication range: 10M


First of all, three types of ear tips, S / M / L, are included. By default, M size is installed.

The charging case looks like this. Very thin and compact. It’s good to carry around, but it may be a little subtle that it’s difficult to be independent. The charging port is UCB-C.

SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro case

There is a reset button on the back. Here is the state with the charging case open. The power of the earphones is turned on and off automatically by opening and closing the case. The first Bluetooth pairing with the smartphone will automatically wait for pairing when the lid is open, so all you have to do is select “SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro” from the smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and connect.


Next is the appearance of the earphones. It is a common standard shape these days, and there is no problem with fitting when it is attached. The touch panel is a little too responsive, but is this a matter of taste?

The earphone body weighs about 4.0g and is exceptionally lightweight.


Equipped with a high level of ANC effect, to a quiet listening space

An ANC (active noise cancelling) function equivalent to the industry’s highest level ANC earphones. Unlike the call noise-cancelling technology, it cancels external noise with a waveform of the opposite phase and mutes it even in regular use. It has a noise reduction performance of up to 35 dB (the detailed inspection). The reliable ANC function that you can experience blocks external noise in your daily life and creates a comfortable environment with a high immersive feeling both on the go and indoors.

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It also supports the external sound capture (hear-through) mode, allowing you to hear the surrounding sounds without removing the earphones quickly.

Sound is delicately reproduced with a bio-cellulose diaphragm, and there is no compromise in Sound quality

A diaphragm that uses “bio-cellulose” produced from plant-derived fibers is used. Achieves beautiful mid-high range reproduction with delicate and high resolution. In addition, the adoption of a free edge with good linearity faithfully reproduces the low and midrange with large amplitude.

With a 12mm dynamic driver that can precisely reproduce the sound of different frequencies, the sound quality is close to a high-end brand by achieving a three-dimensional sound with a natural and transparent texture and a remarkable ANC effect.

Compatible with high-resolution mainstream codec aptX Adaptive

The latest chipset, “QCC3046”, is adopted from Qualcomm (Qualcomm aptX). aptX Adaptive unifies high-quality sound aptX HD and low-latency aptX LL.

The operation mode is automatically determined based on the algorithm, and the judgment of low-latency, high bit rate, low bit rate mode is based on the usage situation. 

It is done automatically. By varying the transfer bit rate according to the radio wave condition and data volume of the listening environment, a stable and low-delay audio listening environment can be realized, sound quality and stability are dramatically improved, and high synchronization performance and advanced performance are achieved. Achieves original Sound reproduction.

Transcendence improvement of wireless earphone left and right independent reception method

Compatible with Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology, which can be the dawn of the next generation left and right independent reception method. Realizes simultaneous left and right connection with wireless earphones, enhances the sensitivity of wireless communication independently, and tunes to realize low power consumption and low delay so that you can enjoy music and calls without interruption.

It also supports the further evolved Bluetooth 5.2. It has a faster and more stable communication function, optimizes the transmission/reception power of the device, and can transmit high-quality sound quality while consuming low power.

Compact size and overwhelming stamina that can be used for a long time

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Supports Type-C high-speed charging. Full charge is completed in one and a half hours, and the earphone can be used for about 5 hours by itself and about 17.5 hours when used in combination with the case. You can use it for long, such as online meetings and travel destinations, without worrying about the remaining charge.

Obtained technical suitability certification & secure, perfect manufacturer 12 months warranty

This unit complies with the technical standards based on the Radio Law and the Telecommunications Business Law. In addition, all SOUNDPEATS products are safe with a 12-month regular manufacturer’s warranty.


The sound quality of “SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro” is clear and has no quirks. The treble range is clear, and the open and close of the hi-hat can be heard beautifully. The low to midrange is also powerful, and the sound pressure of the drums and the swelling feeling of the bass sound are reproduced firmly.

Regarding the midrange, such as vocals and guitar, there is no big claim like a semi-cylindrical type, but the impression that it sounds well-balanced. In total, it tends to be a little sloppy, but the overall appearance is that it is well-balanced and has a sound quality that everyone can enjoy.

The sound quality changes unexpectedly when ANC is turned on and off (hold down the left earphone for 1.5 seconds).

When Neucan (ANC) was also on, the noise disappeared and was in external sound capture (hear-through mode).

The mounting position of earphones and the selection of earpieces also affect the sound quality. If possible, we recommend trying out earpieces of several sizes and fine-tuning them when you put them on your ears to find the position where you can hear the best sound. The power of the bass will change unexpectedly by adjusting the mounting position.


SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro can operate various operations such as music play/stop/fast forward / rewind, power reception/call rejection, etc. Even those who are new to completely wireless earphones will operate it efficiently.

How to operate the music mode

Power ON: Automatically turns on when the charging case is opened, and press and hold the touch panel for 1.5 seconds for manual

Power OFF: Automatically turns off when the earphone is set in the charging case, and the case lid is closed.

Song forward: Press and hold the touch panel of the earphone (R) for 1.5 seconds.

Rewind: Press and hold the touch panel of the earphone (L) for 1.5 seconds.

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Volume adjustment

Increase the volume: Touch the touch panel of the earphone (R) once. Decrease the volume: Touch the touch panel of the earphone (L) once.

Hands-free function

Answer the phone: Touch the touch panel twice, Touch the

phone Hang up: Touch the touch panel twice

Reject incoming call: Press and hold the touch panel for 1.5 seconds

Activate the voice assistant: Touch the touch panel of the earphone (R) three times

Switching gaming mode (on / off)

Touch the touch panel of the earphone (L) three times.

Switching between ANC (noise can) on / external sound capture (hear-through mode) / normal mode

Earphone (L) Press and hold the touch panel for 1.5 seconds.

Manual pairing mode

Press and hold the button on the back of the charging case for 3 seconds

How to initialize

“SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro” If the sound of “SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro” does not come out and pairing is not successful, try initializing it once.

  1. First, delete the connection history on the device side, such as a smartphone.
  2. Set both earphones in the charging case once and check the charging status.
  3. After that, with the charging case open, press and hold the button on the back of the case for 10 seconds. Then, when the LED indicator on the front of the charging case flashes red three times, the reset is complete.
  4. After closing the case lid for a certain period, the earphone will restart the charging case lid. After that, perform the pairing work as in the initial setting.


This “SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro” is considered the upper model among SOUNDPEATS products, and it is a big feature that it is equipped with ANC (Neucan) function. If you are worried about noise when you go out, please give it a try.

And although it has a battery, it takes 6 hours with the earphone alone and 24 hours with the case (both are ANC off). If you commute to work or school, you can use it without any complaints.

In addition, the specifications are pretty up-to-date. Bluetooth is 5.2; it supports Qualcomm’s audio codec “aptX Adaptive” and left and right independent reception method “True Wireless Mirroring”. It is also equipped with ANC.

And regarding sound quality, it is enough if you think about the price range, and if you are not particular about sound quality, it is a level that you can usually feel-good sound.