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The Best $850 Mid-range Gaming PC Build

Do you want to buy a new gaming PC for a budget of $850? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will present you component by component the PC gamer configuration that we consider the most optimal for $850. This PC setup is do-it-yourself, which means we walk you through the components of the computer, but then you’ll need to assemble them together to create the complete PC. Obviously, it is possible to buy already assembled gaming PCs, but this may cost you more.

The goal of a gaming PC being to play video games, we have included at the end of the article the performance that this $850 computer obtains on several games.

So without further delay, here are the components of our $850 gaming PC :

List of components

HousingCorsair Carbide SPEC-05
MotherboardMSI B450 Gaming Plus Max
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3600
Graphic CardNvidia GTX 1660 Super
HDDSeagate 1TB Hard Drive
PSUCorsair VS450 450W

Detailed Configuration

Processor – AMD Ryzen 3600

For a PC at $850, the choice of processor is quite limited. Clearly, two options are available to us. The first is to go on the latest-generation Intel Core i5, and the second is to go on the latest-generation AMD Ryzen 5. The second is less expensive, without offering poorer performance. We, therefore, selected the Ryzen 3600 for our config, a model that can be found around $ 160.

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This has a total of 6 physical cores and 12 threads. It is therefore positioned in current standards, and its overclockable frequency of 3.60GHz allows it to offer excellent performance in gaming when we know that many games tend to exploit more particularly the performance in single-core than the multi-core performance.

It’s also important to point out that the Ryzen 3600 comes with an AMD Wraith Spire fan. This offers sufficient cooling performance for classic CPU usage but will need to be replaced by a better model in the event of an overclock.

Graphics Card – Nvidia GTX 1660 Super

In addition to RTX graphics cards, Nvidia offers a range of GPUs without Ray-Tracing, and therefore less expensive. It is therefore in this range that we have come to draw the GTX 1660 Super, a card located between the 1660 Ti and 1660. This is also in direct competition with the RX 5500XT but offers a better quality/price.

With its 6GB of VRAM in GDDR6 and its TU116 chip, the 1660 Super is capable of running absolutely all the games of the moment in 1080p. The latter should also have no trouble running the games to come in the next few years, by lowering the graphics on the most demanding games.

Here we offer you a custom model from MSI. This is the Ventus version, which offers two cooling fans as well as a rather aesthetic backplate. We will appreciate the price of this custom version, which is among the cheapest Super 1660s, as well as its factory overclock.

Motherboard – MSI B450 Gaming Plus

Obviously, a gaming PC cannot function without a motherboard. For this part, we went on a model from MSI, the B450 Gaming Plus Max. This motherboard is nothing fancy in itself, other than its price which is quite good. This model offers all the basic connections to build a good gaming computer, all running under a stable and relatively well optimized BIOS. At the back of the card, we will find 6 USB ports, an Ethernet port, as well as several jack ports for your audio devices. Two video ports are also present, however, we will not use these since our PC has a dedicated graphics card.

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The design of this motherboard is also quite successful, with a dominance of red and black throughout the board. This MSI motherboard supports up to 64GB of RAM clocked at 4133MHz, which suits us perfectly. This motherboard, therefore, has all the necessary features for our $ 650 PC to work perfectly.



Our gaming PC also needs RAM to function. Since our computer is intended for video games, this part should not be neglected. Indeed, a RAM deficit generally causes big jerks in the game and completely ruins the gaming experience. In order not to have any problems at this level, we have chosen to start with 16GB of RAM in DDR4, the whole thing. clocked at 3200MHz. You should know that the frequency of your RAM has an impact on your performance. Generally speaking, the higher the frequency, the better the game performance will be. The RAM modules that we have selected come from Corsair, a brand recognized as reliable in the industry.


When buying a new gaming PC, it is extremely important to choose a large storage capacity. Indeed, today, video games tend to take up more and more space on your hard drive. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 occupies no less than 150GB of storage space on your disk.

Seagate 1TB Hard Drive

Regarding the models chosen, we went with an HDD from Seagate and a 120GB SSD from PNY. The HDD model we selected runs at 7200 RPM and therefore offers better read and write speeds than hard drives running at 5400 RPM.

Power supply – Corsair VS450

Our $ 850 gamer setup also needs to be supplied with electricity to function. We, therefore, left on an 80+ Bronze certified power supply from EVGA to operate the machine. This power supply delivers 450W of power to the computer, more than enough to power the entire PC. The 80+ Bronze certification guarantees you certain energy efficiency, allowing you to save electricity. Unfortunately, for budget reasons, we could not choose a semi-modular power supply. You will therefore have to do cable management work when mounting the PC in order to hide the excess power cables. EVGA is a fairly reliable brand of power supply, so this model shouldn’t be a problem for you over long-term use.

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Case – Corsair Carbide SPEC-05

At this point, all we need is a box to assemble all the components together. We chose the Corsair SPEC-05, a case that is both elegant, inexpensive, and quite efficient in terms of cooling. Regarding the general appearance of the case, this SPEC-05 is completely black, and a huge window is present on the right part of the case allowing one to observe the interior of the PC. On the front, you will find two USB ports as well as two jacks. In total, it is possible to install up to 5 fans on this SPEC-05, perfect for optimizing the air flow through our case. Be careful though, the side window is plastic, not glass, which means that the latter is easily scratched.

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Best Gaming PC Under 900 USD

After presenting the Gamer PC for 900$, here is the best Gamer PC for 900$. In this article, I will present the PC configs for a budget of 900$. This PC configuration allows a certain freedom of play due to its power while remaining within a relatively correct budget for a computer.

So, thanks to this 900$ gamer config, you can run all the games you want, including the most recent and greedy. Obviously don’t expect to play in 4K at 60 frames per second, but you will be able to play in 1440p as well as 1080p without any problem. Here are below the components of the gaming PC at 900$.

This 900 USD gaming PC is relatively well optimized and therefore has a number of advantages. First of all, the computer obviously shows excellent in-game performance. This performance is due to the very recent RX 5700 graphics card from AMD. This graphics card will give you comfortable gaming sessions for a few years to come. The price of this gaming PC is certainly high, but it remains affordable if we trust the conventional price of a computer. In addition, it should be seen as an investment, because the computer is a tool that we use every day.

However, it is not possible to have a perfect PC with a budget of 900 USD, and therefore despite everything this computer has a small drawback. Indeed, despite the performance of the graphics card, the latter is a “Blower” version which means that it has only one fan and that the heat dissipation is done from the rear. The “blower” GPUs are less expensive but tend to consume more and heat up, in particular on the AMD side. You will have understood it, it will be necessary to provide a well-ventilated box for our graphics card RX 5700. The consumption will, unfortunately, go hand in hand with the temperatures as often with AMD.

List of components

HousingCorsair Carbide 270R
MotherboardGigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3600
Graphic CardAMD RX 5600 XT
SSDCrucial 240GB SSD
HDD1TB Toshiba (7200rpm)
PSUAerocool 550W Semi-Modular (80+ Bronze)

Detailed Configuration

Processor – AMD Ryzen 3600

The budget of 900 $ greatly restricts the choice of processor. Overall, AMD processors dominate the mid-range market with their impressive price/quality ratios. So we turned to the Ryzen 3600, a model offering similar performance to the latest-generation i5 from Intel, but for a much better price.

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This CPU has the particularity of offering equally good performance in gaming as in application. It has 6 physical cores and 12 threads and is factory clocked at 3.60GHz. It is, however, possible to overclock it slightly to achieve the performance of a Ryzen 3600X, but don’t expect to exceed 4.0GHz.

We will also appreciate the support for PCI-Express 4.0, which makes it compatible with the latest generations of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. In addition, it tends to consume little electricity and to heat little in intensive use. Finally, note that it comes with a Wraith cooler from AMD, which is very efficient for use without overclocking. So you don’t have to buy an additional cooler.

Graphics Card – AMD RX 5600 XT

After releasing the RX 5700 XT and RX 5700, AMD decided to tackle the market for more affordable cards by offering less expensive versions of the latter. For our $ 800 gaming PC, we needed an affordable graphics card that could run absolutely all the games of the day. So we turned to the RX 5600 XT, one of the latest graphics cards from AMD.

This offers 6GB of VRAM in GDDR6 and is based on a graphics chip engraved in 7nm. It, therefore, uses the latest technologies developed by the manufacturer to date. It sits above the GTX 1660 Ti from Nvidia, which is available at the same price.

Here we have selected the custom version from Gigabyte. This is one of the cheapest available on the market and includes a total of 3 fans for optimal cooling. Be careful, however, the card is long and cannot be installed in all boxes.

Motherboard – Gigabyte B450 Aorus

We chose to install a Gigabyte brand motherboard in the configuration. Gigabyte offers reliable and robust motherboards for a relatively affordable price. Here we have chosen the B450 Aorus model. This motherboard model offers a total of 8 USB ports as well as an HDMI and DVI port.

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This motherboard is compatible with AM4 type processors, which means it will be compatible with our AMD Ryzen 2600 processor. The big advantage of this product is its price. Indeed you can get this motherboard for only 100 $. You will therefore have the processor/motherboard combo for barely more than $ 200, where you would have paid at least $300 for the equivalent at Intel.

As you can see, budget optimization is essential in a $ 900Gamer setup. Here we have managed to make great savings by choosing components a little less known to the general public. These savings will make it possible to buy a better model of the graphics card.



An essential component for a gaming PC, RAM! We have equipped this gamer config with 16GB of RAM, so no need to tell you that you will be wide at this level for a few more years.

This RAM memory is from the HyperX brand, a brand recognized and appreciated in the industry, and runs at a frequency of 3200MHz.

SSD – Crucial 240GB

The SSD is one of the components to absolutely have in its config in 2019. The budget has relatively limited us in the choice of the SSD but we finally went on a 240GB SSD, from the Crucial brand.

This amount of storage will allow you to easily store Windows, your main software (browser…) as well as potentially some games.

This SSD offers quite an impressive read and write speeds. Indeed in reading, you will be able to reach peaks of 540MB / s and in writing 500MB / s, which is generally above average.

Hard Drive – Toshiba 1TB

No surprise on this component, we have chosen one of the most reliable hard drives on the market to date, the Toshiba P300 1TB. This HDD type hard drive spins at 7200 rpm, giving it a higher speed than 5400 drives. This high speed is perfect for a gaming PC since it will reduce your loading times in-game.

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The 1TB capacity will allow you to easily store all your favorite video games. In short, there is not much to say about this hard drive, it is simple and efficient.

Power supply – Aerocool 550W

The power supply for our gaming PC is a 550W Aerocool. The high power of this power supply is due to the RX 5700 graphics card which tends to consume a lot.

Our 550W power supply is semi-modular, which means that all cables are detachable and can be changed except those connecting the power supply to the motherboard. In addition, the power supply is certified 80+ bronze which means that it has better electrical efficiency and therefore consumes less. For a gaming PC, having this type of power supply is quite important because the components consume a lot more in the game, and therefore having a better performance ensures a lower electricity bill.

Housing – Corsair Carbide 270R

Here is the last component of this PC configuration at 900$, the case. For this component, we wanted to keep it simple and take a case that is efficient while remaining sober and discreet. Our choice was therefore oriented towards this Corsair Carbide 270R case.

This case will allow you to accommodate a 360mm radiator at the front, a 240mm radiator at the top and a 120mm radiator at the rear.

The performance of the Gamer PC at 900 USD

Obviously, it would be stupid to buy a computer without knowing the performance that it will be able to deliver. This is why I suggest you discover below the performances that our config delivers at 900 $ in game. These benchmarks will be distributed by game, and for each of them you will have the graphic options and the resolution in detail.

  • On The Witcher 3, our PC averages 120 fps at 1080p with high graphics.
  • Far Cry New Dawn runs very well on this gaming PC, as it averages 118 fps at 1080p, all with maximum graphics on most graphics options.
  • Apex Legends meanwhile gets an average of 131 fps, still in 1080p this time with ultra graphics.
  • Finally, Grand Theft Auto 5 averages 101 fps with the graphics set to “very high”.

As you can see, all games have no trouble running on this $ 900 configuration. Obviously, if you play at higher resolutions, the frames per second may drop sharply.

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Entry Level AMD Gaming Build PC Under 600 USD

It is sometimes quite difficult to establish a complete PC gamer configuration, as there are so many product references for sale. Our goal today is to help you make a gaming PC for a budget of 600 USD. For this, we offer below a choice of components, which seems to us the most optimal for the defined budget. You will have understood it, the PC will have to be assembled yourself. The editing is not something complicated but still requires a little rigor. However, rest assured, we will offer you at the end of the article a selection of already assembled gaming PCs intended for people wishing to save themselves from this task.

List of components

HousingCorsair Carbide SPEC-05
MotherboardGigabyte GA-B450M
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3100
Graphic CardAMD RX 5500 XT
HDDSeagate 500GB Hard Drive (7200rpm)
PSUAerocool Lux 550W Semi-Modular (80+ Bronze)

Detailed Configuration

AMD Ryzen 3100

A computer cannot do without a processor! For ours, we went on the very recent Ryzen 3100 from AMD. This is the least expensive of the 3 rd generation CPU Ryzen, and excellent prices allow us to take a more powerful graphics card.

The Ryzen 3100 is based on the latest Zen 2 architecture from AMD. This architecture again uses the AM4 socket, making the CPU compatible with older B350 and X370 motherboards. It embeds 4 physical cores as well as 8 logical cores. It might sound a bit light, but shouldn’t be a problem for gaming, especially if you’re playing at high resolution.

Natively, this Ryzen is clocked at 3.60GHz. The overclock is however possible, and this by simply having the cooler provided in the box. It is then possible to achieve higher performance than what the Ryzen 3300X offers us. With a TDP of 65W, the consumption, as well as the heating of this model, are within current standards.

In short, this Ryzen 3100 is an excellent choice for our config, since it costs barely more than 100 $. It, therefore, allows us to have a CPU + motherboard combo for less than 200 $, thus allowing us to have a fairly substantial budget for the graphics card, an element at the heart of a gamer config.

Gigabyte GA-B450M

Regarding the motherboard, we started with a Gigabyte B450M, which is therefore in micro-ATX format. This motherboard is equipped with the AMD socket from AMD, and therefore allows it to be fitted with an AMD Ryzen processor.

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On this motherboard, you can install a maximum of 64GB of RAM, which is, therefore, more than enough for a gamer config. You will also have the option to add an SSD in M.2 format. Overclocking your Ryzen 2600 processor is also possible on this motherboard.

The motherboard also has 4 SATA ports, perfect for plugging in all your hard drives and SSDs.

In short, for 60 $ you will have a motherboard that does its job extremely well, and which will therefore allow you to have a processor and motherboard combo for less than 200 $, which is a very good price.

AMD RX 5500 XT

The component that will have the most impact on your gaming performance is the graphics card. It is also the most expensive component of the PC since some high-end models can exceed $ 1,500. For a budget of 500 $, our choice is however restricted to the most affordable models, but which do not perform poorly. Our choice was once again on the side of AMD, with the RX 5500 XT, and more particularly on the custom Mech version from MSI.

The latter is quite recent since the first custom models saw the light of day in early 2020. It includes 4GB of VRAM, GDDR6 memory for maximum performance. The chip is based on AMD’s Navi architecture. The manufacturer has also used it for the RX 5600 XT and 5700 XT, both of which are successful.

The RX 5500 XT is built for 1080p gaming. The card runs all games, most at over 60 FPS and the most demanding between 30 and 60 FPS. We can also use the card for higher resolution gaming, 1440p or 4K, but beware of performance drops. Also, note that you can enjoy a feeling of increased fluidity if your screen is FreeSync compatible.

RAM – 8GB DDR4 Crucial

For RAM, our choice fell on an 8GB bar from Crucial clocked at 2400Mhz. This costs around 35$ and is sufficient for all current games. Budget requires, unfortunately, we were not able to start with a 2x4GB kit, which would have allowed us to have a little better performance thanks to the Dual-Channel. In addition, the design could not be more basic, with no RGB or protective shell, everything is done to reduce the cost of sale as much as possible.

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In the future, it will be very easy for you to upgrade your PC memory. Indeed, you will only have to buy a second copy of this same memory module, then install it on your motherboard.


SSD – 120Go PNY

Here we have opted for a 120GB SSD. Indeed it would be too expensive and of little use to put a large SSD in my config at 600 $. A 120GB SSD is more than enough to install Windows as well as some common software (a browser for example).

An SSD is an internal storage space connected in SATA to your computer but which offers much faster read and write speeds than a conventional hard drive. Usually, an SSD is used to install Windows in order to have lower startup times of the computer.

This SSD is from the PNY brand, which is quite recognized in the field. You will therefore have no reliability concerns.

However, if you have a larger budget it would be interesting to switch to a 1TB hard drive in order to be more secure in terms of storage.

This 120GB SSD is quite inexpensive since it costs only 20 $.

500GB Seagate (7200rpm)

We opted for a 500GB hard drive only. Indeed a hard drive of this capacity is more than enough to put some games and software. Here we have chosen the Seagate brand which is one of the leading brands on the market. The storage capacity is obviously to be adapted according to your needs. In addition, you will be able to add storage in the future if your hard drive becomes full.

Power supply – Corsair VS350

Power is an extremely important component in a gamer setup. This is the part that will power all the components of your config at 600 USD.

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Here, we have decided to put a 550W power supply in this gamer configuration at 600 USD. This power supply will be largely sufficient to support all of our components. Unfortunately, due to the relatively small budget of the config, we were not able to take a completely modular power supply. This is semi-modular so that the main cable that supplies the motherboard cannot be changed.

Case – Corsair Carbide SPEC-05

For the case, we turned to one of Corsair’s bestsellers, the Carbide SPEC-05. This one sports a fairly classic design, but it remains very successful. This is a mid-tower case, the most standard format, and which is large enough to accommodate all of our components. The side window is a real plus, especially since it covers the entire facade. The cooling is done correctly, provided that you add several fans to manage the air inlet and outlet. We will also appreciate the presence of filters used to prevent dust from entering the housing. However, you should make sure to clean them regularly.

Be careful, however, during assembly, this model tends to be quite fragile and must be handled with care.

The performance of the Gamer PC at 600 USD

It would be ridiculous to buy a gaming PC without knowing the gaming performance of the latter. Obviously, don’t expect to run the latest Assassin’s Creed in 4K at 60fps, but overall the performance of this computer is still pretty good. So I have prepared a list of the main video games accompanied by the performance that you can have with this 600 USD gaming PC.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will run at around 32fps at 1080p, all with ultra graphics.
Forza Horizon 4 will have no trouble reaching 60fps in ultra with this gamer PC at 600 $, and once on a resolution of 1920 × 1080

Shadow of the Tomb Raider also shows great fluidity on this 600 $ config. Indeed the game easily reaches an average of 57fps, all with the graphics options in an ultra.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds meanwhile displays a slightly lower fps counter, probably due to the lack of optimization of the game. On PUBG you will reach an average of 45fps with ultra graphics.

Needless to say, it will be very easy for you to increase your number of frames per second, in particular by adjusting some graphics options. Especially since the benchmarks were carried out here with the graphics options set to ultra. You will therefore easily gain a few fps by lowering certain options that are not very useful.

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Best Gaming PC Under 500 USD

Are you looking for a gaming PC for just 500 USD? Then this article is made for you! We have found the best PC configuration available on the market for a budget of $500. This PC config will obviously not allow you to play in 4K but will be sufficient for gaming in 1080p. If your budget is larger, do not hesitate to read our article on Gamer PCs at $500.

List of components

HousingCorsair Carbide SPEC-05
MotherboardGigabyte GA-B450M
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3400G
HDDHDD 500GB Seagate (7200rpm)
PSUCorsair 350W (80+)

Detailed Configuration

Processor & Graphics Chipset – AMD Ryzen 3400G

Limited budget requires, we did not choose to put a dedicated graphics card in this configuration. Indeed this choice may seem surprising in view of the “gaming” aspect of the configuration. However, we chose a processor with an incredible graphics part. This Ryzen 3400G APU easily exceeds many graphics cards in the game.

The budget we had did not allow us to take an external graphics card with the processor worthy of the name. The only graphics cards that fit the budget offered miserable performance significantly lower than that of our 3400G. Here, you can easily run the vast majority of games in 1080p, and reach up to 60fps on PUBG and Fortnite for example.

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Motherboard – Gigabyte B450M

In terms of the motherboard, our choice fell on the B450M from Gigabyte. The strong point of this motherboard is its price which is only 65$. Especially since it is from the Gigabyte brand which offers very high-quality gaming products.

This Gigabyte B450M offers relatively interesting characteristics. First of all, it is in Micro-ATX format, thus saving you space inside your case. It then offers an HDMI port for the graphics part of our processor, and no less than 6 USB ports. Our card obviously offers everything one would expect from a motherboard, namely an Ethernet socket for example.

RAM – 8GB DDR4 Crucial

A gamer config is not one without RAM! So here we have opted for an 8GB RAM bar clocked at 2400MHz. This amount of RAM is the current standard, and will therefore be sufficient for the vast majority of video games. If you are using the application, then it could be interesting to switch to 12GB or even 16GB of RAM.

This RAM bar is from the Crucial brand, a brand recognized and appreciated in the field. No doubt you will have no problem with reliability. This RAM costs only $37 and therefore fits perfectly into our 500 USD Gamer PC.


SSD – 120Go PNY

Once again, due to the limited budget, we could not choose an SSD with a large storage capacity. Our choice turned to a PNY 120GB SSD. The size of this SSD will be sufficient to store Windows as well as some software, such as your browser.

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This SSD offers quite interesting characteristics. First of all, it will have to be installed in a 2.5 ″ slot and will have to be connected by a SATA cable to the motherboard. It will be able to reach a speed of 550MB / s in reading and 515MB / s in write. Due to its quality/price ratio

Hard Drive – 500GB Seagate

Component essential for a gamer, the disc r. Indeed it is he who will allow storing all the video games. Due to the limited budget of our configuration, we decided to choose a 500GB HDD hard drive from the Seagate brand. This hard drive spins at 7200 rpm, which means your loading times will be reduced compared to a 5400 rpm drive. It will also be connected in SATA to the motherboard, on a 3.5 ″ slot this time.

Power supply – Corsair VS350

It is the components that will power the whole machine. Power is never to be neglected in a PC config. It is important to always take reliable and recognized brands. Indeed a low-end power supply could damage the rest of your configuration by sending a bad electrical voltage. This is why here we have opted for a Corsair power supply of 350W.

The only negative aspect of this power supply is that it is not modular, so the cables cannot be detached. It doesn’t matter much to the configuration, except for a bit more tedious cable management.

Case – Corsair Carbide SPEC-05

Here is the last component of this € 800 Gamer PC, the case. Once again we have opted for a component from the Corsair brand, which is a relatively reliable brand in the gaming world. Here we have chosen a Corsair Carbide SPEC-05 case, which has the advantage of offering a window allowing you to see inside the case. Another strong point of this computer case is the possibility of accommodating up to 5 fans of 120mm, thus allowing very good cooling.

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The performance of the Gamer PC at 500 USD

Obviously, we cannot offer you a PC configuration without showing you what it is really worth it. Here is the video game performance of this € 400 computer.

  • Fortnite averages 70 fps at 1080p with average graphics.
  • Far Cry New Dan manages to run at 36 fps on average, all in 900p and with average graphics as well.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds manages to run at 60fps, with graphics set to low and at 1080p.
  • Forza Horizon 4 manages to hit 55 fps with average graphics and 1080p as well.
  • PES 2020 revolves around 50 fps with this gamer config at $500, all in 1080p and graphics that oscillate between low and medium depending on the options.
  • Destiny 2 averages 42 fps at 1080p, with most graphics options set to high, and the rest set to medium.

As you can see, the performances obtained on this benchmark are quite impressive knowing that this PC does not have a graphics card and costs a little less than 500 USD. Of course, it is possible to play on the graphics options in order to gain some FPS in the game.

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