Anker Soundcore Sport X10: Budget Wireless EarBuds Review

Anker Soundcore Sport X10

The Soundcore Sport X10 are advertised as “earbuds for the workout.” The TrueWireless design lets you move around freely, and the ear hook keeps the in-ears in place. The sound is lively and has a lot of bass. To do this, you just use ANC to block out annoying background noise.

But the price is high: $63.99 for special earphones for sports? They fall short in a few areas, which is too bad. The Soundcore Sport X10 accompanied me to the gym, jogging or cycling, but also had to prove themselves in everyday life or at work.

The earphones come with the fixed brackets, a quick start guide, and a warranty card. In addition, 4 pairs of earplugs—S to XL—and a USB-A to USB-C cable are included in the scope of delivery. With the normal round socket for the plugs, other silicone or foam earplugs can also be attached.


Soundcore Sport X10
TypeIn Ear
True WirelessYes
Connection TypeBluetooth
Active Noise CancellationYes
Bluetooth version5.2
Weight54 g
Battery55 mAh
Battery lifeUpto 32 hours


The Soundcore Sport X10 are compact for a pair of sports headphones; the in-ears are not too big and the Soundcore logo is discreetly attached to the side panel. The tiny earhook and red embellishments are elegant. Black with a midnight blue side panel or beige with a champagne side panel are available for the Soundcore Sport X10. The red variant is new.

Anker Soundcore Sport X10 2

Soundcore Spirit X2 are Anker’s first TWS earbuds. The earphones are 28mm deep and 20mm high, and the diameter of the ear cup is 21mm. 6.8g each.

The Soundcore Sport X10 is IPX7 certified, so you can exercise in the rain. A single button is embedded on each side for operation. Touch surfaces can cause unwanted inputs in sports, so physical buttons are preferable. To avoid this, don’t accidentally push the earphones deeper when using them.

Anker Soundcore Sport X10 1

The Soundcore Sport X10’s ear hooks can be turned 210°, which makes it easy to store in the charging case.

The charging case measures 79 x 45 x 30mm and weighs 53.8g. The oval form allows for pocket space if desired. The matte plastic casing looks cheap. The lid on top is transparent. When closed, the InEars charging case isn’t visible. The back has a USB-C charging port and a reset button. The case’s front button opens it (magnetically). Use your fingernails. The 3 LEDs in the button display the case’s charge level. The case holds the earphones magnetically. Before inserting it, turn the earhook.

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The Soundcore Sport X10 is quite small. They do not pinch in specific areas because the earbuds do not completely fill the ear. However, they protrude a little further from the ear. The Soundcore Sport X10, on the other hand, does not allow you to lie on your side. The transition to the earhook is unimportant in terms of aesthetics. There are, however, much smaller and fancier TWS in-ears for everyday use.

Anker Soundcore Sport X10 3

The insertion into the ear is quick and simple. It takes a few moments for the earbuds to properly seat and seal, but then you simply twist the earbuds up (clockwise) a little and the earhook is snug. This adds extra support by “pushing” outwards against the ear. This is also possible with ears that protrude further due to the 210° opening angle. The ear hooks do not keep the Soundcore Sport X10 from being quickly pulled out of the ear. Because of the soft material, you don’t have to bend the earhook back.

How to wear

The Soundcore Sport X10 isn’t much better than regular in-ears for sports. If the earplugs seal adequately, you only sometimes readjust them. Ear hooks don’t add support for me either. The earhook should be longer or stronger, with a firmer core behind the rubber coating. The downward-facing brackets are perfect for jogging and riding. With quicker movements or non-upright body positions, earplugs may loosen.


Only AAC or SBC are available for audio transmission when connected to a smartphone. More would have been possible with Bluetooth version 5.2. As a result, a high-quality codec is lacking. Furthermore, due to the deep design, wind noise is unfortunately audible. In practice, they become disturbing when jogging at speeds of around 10 km/h and cycling in general. While there is an option in the app to reduce wind noise (which works primarily through ANC), it only provides a marginal improvement. Each Soundcore Sport X10 is powered by a 10mm dynamic driver.

Anker Soundcore Sport X10 5

Sport X10” deserves a bass-heavy sound. The sound is deep and loud. The bass lacks clarity and pressure. The in-ear booms at 80% volume. The mids of the Soundcore Sport X10 are visibly reserved and rob the sound of its general dynamics. The outcome is repetitive music with jumbled instruments and sections. Highs are graceful enough to reproduce details. They’re also too warmly tuned, so their brilliance suffers.

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Soundcore’s app has a “Bass Up” button. Deep bass lives up to its name. But that must fit the music, which isn’t always the case. Podcasts can’t use the loud sound. The app’s adjuster helps, but distorts the speaker’s speech.

The sound is especially adept at playing quick, powerful songs with intensity. It motivates athletes. Otherwise, the cheaper True Wireless InEars are better.


3 microphones per earphone are utilised for voice recording or active noise cancelling. The app only has one noise-cancellation level. Transparency mode amplifies environmental stimuli, such as voices and noises, for the user. The entire soundscape is replicated.

Active noise cancellation isn’t as effective as on expensive true wireless in-ears. Ambient noise is slightly reduced. Background music makes sounds that can only be drowned out by volume. 

Voice quality: The Soundcore Sport X10 records your voice clearly during calls. The mics should be more sensitive and the voice louder. Background music can be heard, but it doesn’t disturb the call. Otherwise, sports headphones can be a headset.


The Soundcore Sport X10 connects through Bluetooth 5.2 and BLE. When opening the charging case, the earphones reattach to the last device used. Press the case’s back button to connect a new device. The earphones must be charged. The Soundcore Sport X10 can’t be paired with two devices at once. Calls and media playback can be handled by Bluetooth. The Soundcore Sport X10’s volume control is handy. Syncs with a smartphone.


In the Soundcore app, you can also change the key assignment:

  • As for commands, you can press left or right once, twice, or hold down for 2 seconds.
  • The ANC mode can be changed directly on the in-ears (normal, ANC, or transparency).
  • Only the smartphone’s smart assistant (e.g., “OK Google”) cannot be accessed through the in-ears.


The Soundcore app requires an account to use, but once logged in, you can see a list of all your devices. These, however, must be Bluetooth-connected to the mobile phone (or WiFi to the Internet). The app allows you to change all of the Soundcore Sport X10’s settings and update the firmware. The following features and settings are built in:

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Soundcore’s equaliser has a total of 20 presets that are based on different types of music or other media.

  • Soundcore Signature” is my favourite, and “BassUp” can also be turned on with it.
  • The sound curve, which is split into 8 Hertz ranges, can be changed individually via “User-defined,” and many custom presets can be saved.

Bass up

Control: The buttons on the in-ears can be changed.

  • You can press the left and right buttons twice and hold them down for two seconds to use the “volume up/down, track forward/back, play/pause, and ambient noise” functions (switching through ANC modes).
  • “One press” on the left or right is always set to volume +/-.

Soundcore offers an Android widget. If the headphones are connected, you can switch between the 3 ANC modes on the home screen by tapping the widget once.


The best app feature: breathing exercises. 4 different breathing exercises for relaxation or as a warm-up that include exhaling, inhaling, and running stops.

Battery life

Anker says the earphones’ 55 mAh batteries provide 8 hours of playtime. After 3 hours with 3/4 volume and ANC on, the Soundcore Sport X10 still had 40% battery life. 5 hours is doable. For 8 hours, listen at 50% volume without ANC. Anker promises a 32-hour runtime. The case’s 540mAh battery charges the earphones four times. USB-C recharges the case in 2 hours.


The Soundcore Sport X10 is likely to be included only if you need additional sports headphones. Otherwise, there are far more convenient and powerful alternatives. Even when it comes to sports, however, the Soundcore Sport X10 leaves a mixed impression! The bracket provides little additional support, at least for me. When moving quickly, the design also creates annoying wind noise. The sound is also strong, but it is not particularly universal. The Soundcore Sport X10 is adequate for its intended purpose.

You should not use sports earphones if normal in-ears with earplugs alone stay well in the ears, even with a little acrobatics. However, there is a requirement: The Soundcore Sport X10 are a solid pair of fitness earphones for around $63.99. Alternatives can be found on our list of the best true wireless headphones!