Asus ROG Claymore II vs Asus TUF Gaming K3: Gaming Keyboard Comparision

Asus ROG Claymore II vs Asus TUF Gaming K3

Asus ROG Claymore II, a gaming keyboard for around 260 USD, should leave nothing desired. It is exceptionally flexible thanks to wireless operation and a detachable number pad. The 4000 mAh battery is sufficient for this, the loading times are fast, and the wireless connection remains stable and reliable. The case also looks chic and offers various lighting effects in addition to practical media control.

The Claymore II is also top from an ergonomic point of view; it comes with a comfortable, removable palm rest. When it comes to the most important point, gaming performance, it doesn’t disappoint either. The built-in ROG RX switches convince with an excellent stop and pressure point.

The supplied software can be operated intuitively and offers extensive setting options. Overall, the Claymore II is an outstanding but costly high-end product. It can also be cheaper if you can do without one or the other premium feature, and the focus is on value for money.

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The TUF series from Asus stands for particular stability. The K3 keyboard promises a high degree of robustness and durability because of its mechanical switches. This first impression is additionally underlined by the stable and high-quality metal housing.

As usual with gaming keyboards in this price range, the RGB lighting can be adjusted as desired – even for individual keys. The detachable palm rest, which Asus includes in the box, ensures good ergonomics. The switch type used in the German version is Reds by Kailh. These are characterized by a short release path and are ideal for demanding competitive gamers.

There is also a USB port as an extra, for example, for connecting a USB stick or the mouse. Other than that, there are a few extras. The connection cable is comparatively thick and not very flexible. This could make it difficult to place on the desk.

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Pros and Cons

Comfortable and efficient switchesSturdy metal housing
Excellent performanceChic lighting
Modular design is ingeniousPalm rest included
High priceNo additional keys
No Bluetooth supportThick connection cable


Asus ROG Claymore IIAsus TUF Gaming K3
TypeGaming KeyboardGaming Keyboard
ReleasedMay 19, 202125 Aug 2020
Dimensions462 X 155 X 39 mm438.7 x 130.9 x 38.7 cm
SizeFull Size100 % size
Weight1156 g1.11 kg
ColourBlack gun metal gray
Keycap MaterialABSDoubleshot
Cable Lenght2.0 m1.8 m
Backlighting16.8 million coloursYes
Multimedia KeysYesYes
BatteryYes 4000 mAhNo
SoftwareArmoury CrateArmoury Crate

Design & Features

Asus ROG Claymore II- From the first glance at the ASUS ROG Claymore II keyboard, it becomes clear that we have a completely new device unlike any other model from this manufacturer. The keyboard does not have a numeric keypad, usually located on the right side, which immediately catches the eye. However, this is a delusion; it is present in the package and is simply not connected now. And this means that we have a full-fledged gaming keyboard with all the main keys and additional multimedia and function buttons.

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Asus ROG Claymore II vs Asus TUF Gaming K3 Gaming Keyboard Comparision 2

The keyboard case is made in the skeleton type – the keycaps rise above the surface of the case, and there is no additional external case between them.

1 2

As you already understood, the body is made of two main materials – metal and plastic. The first is used for the top panel, but the plastic is present only on the back panel and a little in front as decorative forms.

Asus ROG Claymore II vs Asus TUF Gaming K3 Gaming Keyboard Comparision 1

If we talk about the design of ASUS ROG Claymore II, then it is entirely consistent with the gaming focus of the Republic of Games brand. In the design of this model, we see the use of a large number of dark shades and angular shapes.

Of course, LED lighting is present here. Separate LEDs are located in each key and illuminate the characters. In addition, several LEDs are installed under the company logo on the right-left side of the keyboard.

The metal panel looks very cool. And all thanks to the textured surface. In addition, it is painted with high-quality powder paint, on which no traces remain during operation.

In addition to the company logo as a decoration in the upper left corner, there is also a four-level indication charge level. In practice, this is a very convenient “feature” that allows you to quickly check the battery level and not be in time for an online battle with a disabled keyboard.

As for the battery, a 4000 mAh battery is installed inside the keyboard. This will be enough for you for 144 hours of continuous operation without the backlight turned on or almost 45 hours of active work with the backlight turned on.

At the same time, the USB interface provides fast charging of the built-in battery. In 30 minutes, the battery charge level will increase to 45%, but the battery will be fully charged in an hour or so.

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A little to the right on the top panel, you can see small icons illuminated by LEDs and light up when a particular function is activated: Caps lock, Num lock, Scroll lock, Windows key lock, USB pass-through port activation.

The back of the keyboard is made of very durable black plastic. Even though you will practically not see this side of the keyboard, it is still decorated with the company logo and a pattern in the form of many parallel lines.

The keyboard rests on five large rubber feet, four of which are located in the corners and one in the centre. You can also adjust the angle of the keyboard with two retractable legs.

Asus TUF Gaming K3- Although the ASUS TUF Gaming K3 keyboard we are considering belongs to the gaming line, it has received a rather strict stylish design that will appeal to most users. Thanks to this, the keyboard will perfectly fit into any interior and will not distract you from work or games with many LED backlights.

Asus TUF Gaming K3 1

In terms of design, color is black, in which both the keycaps and parts of the case are painted. Its top panel is sheet aluminium and covered with pleasant graphite colour paint.

The ASUS TUF Gaming K3 keyboard uses two primary materials for finishing. Aluminium and durable black plastic are used on the back of the case. All parts and panels fit together very well, there is no backlash, and the gaps are even small.

Asus TUF Gaming K3 2

ASUS TUF Gaming K3 is a standard format keyboard with 104 keys. There are no additional buttons here; multimedia functions and LED backlight control are assigned to some primary keys.

At the same time, the keyboard case itself is made according to the skeleton type. This means that the keycaps are not separated by the upper plastic panel. Thanks to this, the keyboard in the future will be very easy to clean from dirt that will inevitably arise during operation.

As for the weight and dimensions of the keyboard, they are as follows. Dimensions – 438 x 130x 38 mm, weight – 1110 grams.

Perhaps one of the few decorative elements that can be seen on the keyboard is company logos located in the upper right corner.

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LED indication is located above the arrows. Each of the four LEDs will light up when activated: Num, Caps and Scroll Lock, and locking the Win key.

The back of the ASUS TUF Gaming K3 keyboard case is durable black plastic. Even though this part of the keyboard will be hidden from prying eyes almost all the time, the company’s designers have worked hard and designed it very beautifully – in the corporate style of the TUF Gaming series.

The keyboard is supported by four large rubber feet that prevent it from sliding on any surface. Next to them are two folding legs, which will allow you to change the angle of the case.

In the upper right corner, in addition to corporate logos, there is also a pass-through USB 2.0 port, which can be used to connect peripherals, and, indeed, any device.

The keyboard is connected to the computer via a thick cable, placed in a strong rubber braid. In the end, it splits into two separate USB 2.0 plugs. The first is used to operate the keyboard itself, and the second provides the USB 2.0 pass-through port.

Keycaps on the main keys are white plastic and painted with black matte paint. All symbols are applied by laser engraving.


By releasing the ASUS ROG Claymore II gaming keyboard, ASUS surprised users very much since no one has released such devices to the market before. This is a complete solution for enthusiasts, and most likely not work for an ordinary gamer.

The most important thing here is the possibility of customization, which will open up new opportunities for gamers and people working in popular applications. There are many cases when you would like to have the block’s location of additional buttons in a different place and not in the standard location. And ASUS ROG Claymore II comes to the rescue here.

The second reason you should buy an ASUS ROG Claymore II keyboard is branded optomechanical switches. Their work is near perfect. They are fast clear, with a minimum level of signal delay, and with all this, they also work relatively quietly. Much quieter than regular mechanical keyboards, at least.

And thirdly – the first-class performance of ASUS. The ASUS ROG Claymore II keyboard uses high-quality materials, soft-touch keycaps and an unquestioningly precise build.

The ASUS TUF Gaming K3 mechanical keyboard, although it is a device in the middle price range, is practically the flagship model in this category. You will get a keyboard built with very reliable and durable switches, with good technical characteristics that meet the needs of most users.

These switches are suitable for both gaming and work. They do not require a lot of pressing force to operate the mechanism, and they do not make too much noise during operation, which is also essential in-home use.

Another advantage of the ASUS TUF Gaming K3 keyboard is that the case is made of sheet aluminium and durable plastic, with good dust and moisture protection.

Among other advantages, we can note the presence of a removable palm rest, a pass-through USB 2.0 port, and the ability to record macros both on the fly and using proprietary software.