How to Add iPhone 15 Action Button to Older iPhone

How to Add iPhone 15 Action Button to Older iPhone

How to Add iPhone 15 Action Button to Older iPhone: Every year, new iPhone models bring a host of innovative features. One such feature in the iPhone 15 is the ‘Action Button,’ which offers users increased functionality. While it’s easy to feel left out with an older model, this guide will show you how school students or anyone else can bring this cool feature to their iPhone 13, 14, or any older model. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Action Button

Before we start, let’s clarify what this button does. With the iPhone 15, pressing the Action Button can perform various tasks. Depending on how you program it, a simple press can turn on your flashlight, activate dark mode, or perform other customized actions. Want this on your older iPhone? Here’s how.

How Can We Get This on Older iPhones?

With the help of a shortcut called “Rebind” older iPhone users can now mimic the action button’s capabilities by reprogramming the volume up and down buttons.

How Can We Get This on Older iPhones?

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download Rebind: Using the links provided in the reference article, download and install the Rebind shortcut onto your iPhone.
  2. Run the Shortcut: Once installed, open and run the shortcut.
  3. Choose Your Actions: You’ll be presented with various options. For instance, you can program the volume up button to activate dark mode and the volume down button to switch to light mode.
  4. Start Rebinding: After selecting your desired actions, click “Start Rebind.” Now, your volume buttons have transformed into action buttons!
  5. Test Out the New Function: Press the volume buttons to see them perform the assigned tasks. For example, switching between dark and light mode or turning your Wi-Fi on and off.
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How to Add iPhone 15 Action Button to Older iPhone
After selecting your desired actions, click Start Rebind

Cool Tricks to Try:

  • Quick Camera Shots: By reprogramming the volume buttons, you can take photos without even launching the camera app. Just press, and your iPhone will capture the moment discreetly.
  • Wi-Fi Toggle: Swap between having your Wi-Fi on and off using the volume buttons.
  • Flashlight Toggle: Need to find something in the dark? Turn your flashlight on and off seamlessly with a button press.

Wrapping Up

With these simple steps, you’ve effectively added an Action Button to your older iPhone model! No need to envy iPhone 15 users anymore. This trick is both fun and practical, giving your older device a breath of fresh functionality. Enjoy impressing your friends and making the most of your device. Remember, it’s not always about having the newest device but making the most of what you have! Thanks for reading, and happy experimenting!

FAQ: How to Add the iPhone 15 Action Button to Older iPhones

1. What is the iPhone 15’s Action Button?

The iPhone 15 Action Button is a feature that allows users to reprogram it to carry out various functions like toggling the flashlight, activating dark mode, etc., with a single press.

2. Can I get this Action Button feature on older iPhone models?

Yes! With the Rebind shortcut, you can bring this feature to older iPhone models like the iPhone 13 or 14.

3. Where can I download the Rebound shortcut?

Open Safari on your iPhone, search for “Rebound Routine Hub”, and click on the first link that appears.

5. Will this feature work if my phone is locked?

Yes, once set up, the Action Button functionality should work even if you lock and then unlock your phone.

6. Can I choose other functions apart from turning the flashlight on or off?

Absolutely! You can assign various functions to the volume up and down buttons, such as adjusting brightness, toggling dark mode, activating the camera, and more.

8. Will this affect my volume controls?

When you assign an action to your volume buttons using the Rebound shortcut, pressing them will execute the set action. However, you can always reconfigure or remove the assigned action to regain standard volume controls.

9. Does this method require jailbreaking my iPhone?

No, this method uses Apple’s Shortcuts app and doesn’t require jailbreaking.

10. Is this feature permanent?

No, you can easily change or remove the functions assigned to your volume buttons anytime using the Rebound shortcut.