How To Play Reyna: Ability Tips And Tricks


Reyna is a destructive Mexican character in Valorant who can heal herself, become invisible, and blind her enemies. Reyna is one of a kind because, when used right, she almost guarantees a kill.

As a duelist, Reyna’s job will be to move forward and get the first kills to start a guaranteed offensive. She will also be the best agent for people who want to attack or defend a point on their own. This is because her abilities, Devour and Despise, let her refill her life bar or become immortal for a short time. Because of their passive, you can only find soul orbs on the dead bodies of your opponents. These orbs only show up for a few seconds, and you have to show yourself to get them back.

Still, he is one of the best agents in the game when it comes to completing solo raids. In ranked games, where we can’t always count on our team, it becomes a great alternative that gives us the independence we need. A valuable item in Valorant.

How to Use Reyna Abilities

Leer (C key)


Reyna must equip the Blind ability Leer before casting it. Her crosshair will be replaced by an indicator for inserting an ethereal eye once she is equipped. The eye will be cast a fixed distance from Reyna’s casting point and will be capable of traversing terrain. This distance can be shortened by casting against solid, horizontal terrain, which causes the eye to deploy at ground level rather than further into the ground.

  • This ability launches a kind of flash grenade that affects the vision of any enemy who sees it. It will fully blind nearby enemies looking directly at it and partially blind players further away.
  • If an enemy has been affected by Read, a purple mist will appear above their head.
  • Reyna is unaffected by her own ethereal eye, so it’s very useful for attacking an exposed enemy.
  • You must be careful because the ethereal eye can be destroyed by the enemy and the paranoia effect will disappear from the enemy.
  • You can throw the ability through a wall, allowing you to flash not only yourself but your teammates as well.
  • You can use the ability in places where normal flash grenades are not effective, for example, you can cast it from Bind, towards lamps. It also serves to take control of some very important places on the map, such as in the middle of the Ascent map.
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Ascent map

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We recommend throwing the orb either above you or at your feet because adversaries can simply spray transfer and take you out after shooting it if you throw it in your head level.

Devour (Q key)


Devour is the first of Reyna’s two common skills that increase her battle effectiveness. Q gives Reyna 3 seconds of health increase fuelled by the souls of the slain enemy team in her region. She can instantly swallow their souls to heal them within 4 seconds of their bodies crumbling to the floor, restoring her life to 100%.

The more souls you devour, the faster you heal, thus a clutch double kill might pull you back from the brink of death and into an aggressive fragging role. There is a “overhealing” element that we shall look into later.

Devour 1



  • In order to use this ability you have to first kill an enemy and consume a Soul Orb that enemies killed by Reyna leave behind. After using Devour Reyna she will instantly consume a nearby soul orb and quickly heal herself for a short time. She can heal up to 150 HP…
  • Devour consumes a Soul Orb to grant rapid health regeneration, perfect for allowing you to secure multiple kills in one round.
  • If the amount of healing exceeds your 100 maximum health, it will become a temporary bonus health that will decay over time.
  • For this ability to work effectively, you cannot break line of sight between yourself and the Soul Orb when it is channeling. The link between you and the Soul Orb is visible to all players, so don’t be surprised when the enemy learns you’re still lurking around the corner.
  • Soul Orbs last 3 seconds. During this time you have to decide if you want to use your “E” or “Q” skill.
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Dismiss (E key)


Dismiss is Reyna’s second power that deals with the spirits of the deceased. She may grant herself invincibility for 4 seconds with her E to relocate and reengage enemies. This ability has an animation and a countdown, but the invincibility lasts through it and long enough for her to move into a different position and begin firing.

Reyna can move past molotovs and venom without taking damage, giving her a unique angle for targeting adversaries. While this may appear to be a bit strong at first glance, Riot will undoubtedly scrutinise the inability to fire and the short duration to determine where it is weak and strong for players.

  • Dismiss makes you invulnerable for a short time.
  • After using it, Reyna instantly consumes a nearby Soul Orb and becomes intangible for 4 seconds.
  • If you’re playing solo on a bomb, try using “Dismiss” to delay your enemies, which will give your teammates extra time to rotate.
  • When you use Dismiss along with the Empress ultimate , in addition to being intangible you will also be invisible for a short period of time. Of course, Reyna can’t shoot while she’s using it (she’d be too broken a character).
  • Devour and Dismiss are the only Valorant abilities (so far) that use the same set of charges.
  • Although this ability is free, in practice you have to buy the Devour ability to use Dismiss.
  • Both of these abilities, outside of when your Empress is active, require Soul Orbits, which drop from enemies after being killed by you, and you alone.
  • You can have up to a maximum of four shared charges for Devour and Dismiss.
  • As a general rule of thumb, if you feel like you’re not in immediate danger, go for Devour instead of Dismiss.

Empress (X key)

With Empress, Reyna has the strongest ultimate in the agent pool (apart from Sage and Raze).

She enters a frenzy, which increases her firing speed and equipment and reload speed. If Reyna gets a kill, the duration of the ability is also renewed, and if it is still active, a Devour is cast automatically on killing an enemy without consuming the orb, unlike her ability to dismiss an active empress, which also makes her invisible for a short period of time.

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She will generate 50 more health if her healing factor exceeds 100hp (with no damage mitigation). This lasts for 30 seconds if no enemies are killed, but it will be reset if an enemy is killed.

While C remains intact, her E and Q abilities have no cool down, and when she uses a soul with E, she becomes invisible and indestructible for 4 seconds. This enables her to engage foes from many angles and disrupt enemy players in hard cover locations.

  • Empress acts as a combat boost, increasing fire rate, and the speed at which she can equip and reload weapons.
  • Also, Empress gives access to both Devour and Dismiss, even if you didn’t buy them in the purchase phase.
  • Like Raze or Sova, Empress has a timer (30 seconds), but it can be reset every time you get a kill. That’s why Reyna has the potential to start making kills and take the entire team ahead of her with her De Ella ultimate .
  • This skill is made for aggressive play. It should be used by good fraggers.
  • You can take the opportunity to use heavy weapons with a lower rate of fire, such as the Odin or the Ares.

How to Play on Attack

Reyna is on the attack. You want to flash on to sight and use your teammates smokes as well. Don’t forget to flash either high or really low to avoid an easy spray transfer and throw off your enemies aim. More than likely, you’ll be pushing in first just because you’re the duelist and because you have the flashes you need to get those first picks and clear out sight. Reyna is a fantastic duelist, but she has a steep learning curve that takes time to master, so my final piece of advice is to practise with her as much as possible.

Reyna Tips and Tricks