How To Use iPhone As Webcam For Mac And Pc

If you have an iPhone, you can use the camera to improve the quality of your Zoom calls or live streams. And chances are, this camera is far superior to the built-in camera on your laptop or even the quality of a webcam that you will most likely purchase.

If you own a Mac, you can easily connect an iPhone and an Apple product, such as a MacBook Pro or a Mac Mini, wirelessly. If you’re a PC user, skip ahead to the section where I show you how to do it.

Update Latest Version iOS and Mac OS Ventura

A new iPhone Pro feature lets you use your iPhone as a webcam with your Mac without using any third-party software. All you need is iOS 16 or later on your iPhone and Mac OS Ventura on your Mac.

Make sure you’re running at least iOS 16 or later. To check for Mac updates, click the Apple icon in the upper-left corner and then System Preferences.

Click the Apple icon and select System Settings instead of System Preferences to update to Mac OS Ventura in the software update.

If you click General and then Software Update, you can confirm that you’re running Mac OS Ventura 13.0 or newer.

Continuity Camera Turns iPhone Into Webcam

Update your iPhone to iOS 16. Update your computer or laptop to iOS Ventura. You’ll then have wireless camera access. After updating, type “webcam” into your iPhone’s settings and turn on Continuity Camera.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • General > AirPlay & Handoff.
  • Make sure Continuity Camera is On.

Open the Webcam App on Your Mac

Start the video App on your Mac: Zoom, FaceTime. We are  using QuickTime. In QuickTime, the camera selection menu is next to the record button. Your iPhone should be listed as a camera. Just choose your iPhone! Mac webcams should be iPhones.

The iPhone’s microphone may be an audio input option. app-specific microphone selection. It’s in QuickTime’s camera menu.

How to Activate Center Stage

Center Stage keeps you center-framed. Open Control Center from the menu bar and select Video Effects while the Continuity Camera is active. Select Center Stage from the Video Effects menu.

How to Activate Portrait mode

Portrait mode blurs backgrounds. Click Video Effects in the Control Center. Portrait blurs the background in Video Effects.

How to Activate Studio Light

Studio Light brightens photos with the iPhone flash. Open Control Center from the menu bar and select Video Effects while the Continuity Camera is active. Choose Studio Light.

How to Use Desk View

If you frequently demonstrate during video calls, Desk View lets you see your desk from above using the iPhone’s ultra-wide camera.

  • Click the Control Centre icon from the menu bar to use the desk view during a call.
  • Click Control Centre > Video Effects option.
  • Click Desk View in Video Effects.

How to Use iPhone as Webcam for Windows

Epocam can turn any mobile device into a webcam. It’s easy to connect to a Windows computer via WiFi and stream one of the many apps that work with it.

Once you have downloaded and installed EpocCam, make sure your laptop and iPhone are connected to the same network.

Even if the drivers are installed correctly, they may not work because of how the system is set up. This happens a lot, especially on macOS, which is much more locked down in this way. Always install this app in a clean way and make sure the system has the permissions it needs to use it. This is visible in the macOS privacy settings.

Once the drivers are installed, you will simply have to go to the App Store and install the EpocCam application, which will allow you to have all the controls of a camcorder on your iPhone.

Paid Version: With the paid version, you can remove the watermark from Elgato, shoot in 1080p instead of 480p, use the microphone of the iPhone as a microphone for your Windows computer, and use other features.

  1. Connect your iPhone and your Mac to the same Wi- Fi network .
  2. Check that the iPhone and Mac have the same Apple ID .
  3. Open the app in which you want to use your iPhone as a webcam.
  4. In the app settings, select the iPhone as the camera .

To make a video call or live stream on a streaming platform, you need to hold the iPhone.

Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac Notebooks: Amazon and Apple sell Belkin-made adapters. The Belkin adapter is MagSafe, so it sticks to the back of an iPhone 12 or newer and has a hook to mount to your laptop lid or monitor. Your iPhone is ideal for webcam use.

The best feature of this adaptor is that it connects your iPhone and Mac wirelessly. Simply update your iPhone to iOS 16 and your Mac to OS Ventura or newer, and sign into the same iCloud account to sync wirelessly.

How to Disconnect iPhone as Webcam

Quit your Mac’s video app. Tap Disconnect on the iPhone’s screen to disconnect.

Other Apps That You Might Find Helpful

Remember that the App Store has more than Epocam. Most applications work similarly. PC software and the applications that issue them In this case, we show you the most important options found in the App Store.

iVcam Webcam

This app turns your iPhone or iPad into a high-resolution Windows webcam. Replace your USB or built-in webcam with it. It works as a baby camera, spy camera, security camera, and pet camera. If you don’t want to record on your iPhone or iPad, the PC can store all your recordings in local storage.

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