SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless vs Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX: Best Gaming Headset Comparision

SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless vs Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX

SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless vs Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX: Today we talk about two gaming headsets: the Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX and the SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless. These gadgets are pretty cool and have a lot in common, but also some differences that might help you decide which one is right for you.

SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless vs Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX

Firstly, both headsets are super versatile. They can connect to multiple devices, which is great if you like to switch between your PC, console, and phone. Plus, they both have awesome sound quality, a lightweight design, and are reasonably priced – although what’s reasonable can differ from person to person.

The SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless, part of the acclaimed Nova lineup, offers a blend of affordability and premium features. Its design is far from the typical ‘gamer’ aesthetic, with no RGB lighting and an understated look, yet it does not compromise on flexibility and adjustability. The headband and ear cups are easily adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Notably, the ear cushions are made of air weave material, which, although not universally liked due to its texture, prevents overheating during long gaming sessions. The SteelSeries Nova 7 also boasts a multi-device compatibility feature, including variations like the Nova 7P Wireless and Nova 7X Wireless, tailored for different consoles but all compatible with PC.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming Headset $152.99.

Nacon RIG 600 PRO HX Dual Wireless Universal Gaming Headset $99.99.

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SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless vs Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX
SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless Design
SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless

Key Features: SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless

  • Versatile Connectivity: It supports both Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, allowing for multi-device use.
  • Impressive Battery Life: Up to 38 hours of battery life with fast-charging capability, providing six hours of use with just 15 minutes of charging.
  • AI-Powered Noise-Canceling Microphone: Ensures clear communication.
  • Customizable Sound: Utilizes SteelSeries GG and Sonar software for sound customization.

The Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX stands out with its fully destructible design, promising durability and ease of repair. This headset is also multi-device capable, working seamlessly with PC, Xbox, Android, Nintendo Switch, and iPhone. Its unique design allows you to adjust the ear cups on the headband to fit various head sizes, and its lightweight structure ensures comfort over long gaming periods.

SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless vs Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX
Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX Mic
Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX

Key Features: Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX

  • Dual Connectivity: Offers both 2.4 GHz Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth 5.1.
  • Modular Design: Components like the ear cushions and headband can be easily replaced.
  • Battery Performance: Claims around 18 hours of battery life over 2.4 GHz.
  • Integrated Controls: Includes multiple controls on the headset for convenience.

Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX: The Modular Maverick

Now, let’s dive into the specifics, starting with the Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX. One of the coolest things about this headset is that you can take it apart and reassemble it. This means you can adjust the ear cups to fit your head perfectly. Plus, it’s really tough and can handle being twisted and stretched without breaking.

SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless: The Traditional Titan

The SteelSeries Nova 7, on the other hand, has a more classic design. It comes with rotatable ear cups and an extendable headband, making it super comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. It also has a unique strap system on top, which is different from the usual padding you might be used to.

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How Do They Feel?

Both headsets are comfy in their own way. The Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX is great because of its flexibility and durability, while the SteelSeries Nova 7 is all about that snug, traditional fit. They both have similar ear cushions, which are not too deep but also not too shallow – just right for a comfortable gaming experience.

Comparing Sound Quality and Comfort

SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless:

The Nova 7 Wireless delivers excellent sound quality with customizable settings through the SteelSeries software. It offers a balanced soundscape with good bass and positional audio. The headset’s comfort is enhanced by its adjustable strap and ear cups.

Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX:

The Rig 600 Pro HX surprises with its sound quality, offering a good range of audio with decent bass and volume. However, it falls short in the microphone department, with the built-in mic being somewhat compressed in quality.

Let’s Talk Tech: Connectivity and Controls

Both headsets offer dual connectivity options and are compatible with multiple devices, which is super handy. The Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX has a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, which lets you switch between USB and console modes. This means you can use it with your PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or even an Android phone.

SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless Connectivity
SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless

However, there’s a small downside. The shape of the dongle might block other ports on your device, which can be a bit annoying. But on the bright side, it also works with Bluetooth, so you’ve got options!

Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX connectivity
Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX

Nacon’s App and SteelSeries’ Software

Nacon has a dedicated app where you can control various things like mic monitoring and EQ settings. SteelSeries, however, wins in the software department with their SteelSeries GG platform, offering even more customization options, especially for PC users.

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Battery Life and Additional Features

When it comes to battery life, the SteelSeries Nova 7 takes the lead with nearly 40 hours of usage, while the Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX offers about 18 hours. Both headsets come with their own set of cables and adapters, but the Nova 7 offers a bit more flexibility with a 3.5 mm cable included for additional connectivity options.

Microphone Quality: A Key Differentiator

The microphone quality is where these two headsets really differ. The Nacon’s mic is a bit of a letdown – it’s not adjustable, and the sound quality is just okay. In contrast, the SteelSeries Nova 7’s mic is much better, offering clearer sound and the ability to customize it using their software.

Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

Both the SteelSeries Nova 7 Wireless and the Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX offer unique features catering to different preferences. The Nova 7 Wireless stands out for its superior sound customization, AI-powered microphone, and longer battery life. In contrast, the Rig 600 Pro HX impresses with its durable, modular design and decent sound quality.

Both headsets are great, but they each have their strengths. The SteelSeries Nova 7 excels with its dual connectivity, longer battery life, and better microphone. However, if you’re looking for something robust and modular, especially for console gaming, the Nacon Rig 600 Pro HX is a solid choice.