How to Use Discord on Your Xbox Console

How to Use Discord on Your Xbox Console
Discord is now available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, but now all owners of the newer Xbox consoles can use Discord voice chat.

Discord is great for gaming. Console players have a harder time than PC players. Many use a smartphone or tablet to access the Discord app to ask about a game server, find a team, and more. It can get boring and distracting.

Better? That depends Here’s what to expect when using Discord on Xbox Series X and common issues.

How does Discord work on Xbox consoles?

Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One users can now connect to Discord voice chats on their console. They can chat with other Discord users on Xbox, PC, or smart devices while gambling. Users can see who is in chat or speaking during a console game. Switching from Discord voice to Xbox chat is as easy as adjusting the volume. Link your Discord account to your Xbox via the mobile app to set up Discord Voice. Linked accounts must be linked again.

  • Discord is now available for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.
  • Link the accounts, download the app, and get started.
  • Discord will also be released for PlayStation in the future.

Microsoft announced on the Xbox blog that you can use Discord on Xbox. You can stay in touch with friends playing on Xbox, PC, or smartphones. Link Discord to Xbox. You can join language channels after downloading Discord.

Discord on Xbox requires: Discord on mobile

Discord can’t be installed directly on Xbox consoles, but integration is easy. You’ll need to perform a small manipulation on your mobile device (or the desktop version of Discord) the first time, then a simple button press will do.

  • Download or open the Discord application on your Android or iOS terminal (or the desktop version);
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Click on settings

  • Select Linked social accounts under Account.

Select linked account

Linked social account

  • Select Discord option to continue.

Account Linked social accounts for Top2Gadget

  • Continue to login. This will bring up a window to sign into Discord, so be ready. Allow Discord to connect, then click Authorize.

Login with QR code

  • Log into your Microsoft account. Enter your login info, then click Yes.

Sync alllow permission

  • Next you will see window showing Connecting your Xbox account to Discord.

Connecting your Xbox account to Discord

  • After the accounts link, you’ll be prompted to open the Discord app on your phone. Once it opens, find the voice chat or voice channel you want, then click Join on Xbox to transfer the conversation to your console.

Now Discord is available

Discord is without a doubt the most popular tool for communicating between players. It is completely free and supports voice, video, and even written communication. Discord has gradually become more widely accessible, reaching the professional sphere.