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League Of Legends: Beginners Guide 2022

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games globally, but there are still people who get to know the project for the first time.

We decided to make a useful guide for beginners, which will help them start playing comfortably from the first rink and choose a convenient champion not to acquire a terrible stigma called “cancer” for 30-40 minutes. I hope that this guide will be helpful for those who have never played.

What is League of Legends?

Release Date: October 27, 2009
Developer, Publisher: Riot Games \ THQ
Genre: Action RPG / RTS / MOBA
Platform: PC

League of Legends is one of the most famous strategy RPGs. There is no storyline, and the players themselves write the competitive narrative in each new game. Despite almost the same synopsis of all game modes, the multifaceted gameplay provides a unique development of the passage in each party. If we add one and a half hundred Champions here, we will provide a variety of gameplay for several years to come.

The goal of the whole game is to destroy all your opponent’s buildings and prevent the demolition of your buildings. These buildings act as the defense of the main building called the Nexus, the destruction of which is synonymous with loss. It would seem that nothing complicated, but try to overcome the lines of defense without loss and pacify the hostile NPCs.

At the highest point, the Summoner’s Gorge mode offers to destroy the enemy base located at the other end of the game square. Two teams of five compete here, who will have to overcome the forest with neutral monsters and the river at the bottom of the canyon. Before destroying the Nexus, it is necessary to destroy two defensive towers, which the enemy’s minions restore.

The more modest Cursed Forest mode pits two groups of three players head-to-head with gold at the start. Then the players advance towards the enemy bases, crossing the forest with monsters roaming in it, from which you can also get gold and the necessary experience. An easy hunt is not expected; the epic monster Wilmo roams the forest. The mode is disabled in 2019 due to low popularity.

The most notable modeLeague of Legends is a “Howling Abyss” that evolved from a recreational game format. The battle here takes place on a bridge over the abyss, on both sides of which are Nexuses of enemies. The main difference from The Gorge is the utterly random formation of the champion line-up, accelerated health recovery, and the impossibility of teleporting to the starting platform.

Strategic variability is achieved through 150 playable characters with unique appearances and five skills, one of which is passive, and four are unlocked as you play. At the same time, each Champion has a clear role in the team, which determines the type of damage dealt to the opposing team – physical, magical, or balanced.

The role component divides the characters into six branches of affiliation – Assassins, Arrows, Warriors, Mages, Tanks, and Support. All heroes differ in their characteristics – speed, damage, mana consumption, the ability to strengthen allies, and much more. Each hero can be decorated with cosmetic items that do not affect the gameplay and do not provide additional bonuses.

League of Legends, despite its advanced age, does not lose its relevance and is actively developing – in 2020, the game will be updated with many Champions and several esports tournaments with a multimillion-dollar prize pool.

Key features of the game

We will not dwell on what MOBA is because I believe that if you have already installed League of Legends for yourself and decided to try it, you perfectly understand what awaits you. Let’s start with the first steps and the game’s basic concept. To begin with, each player chooses a champion for himself – this is how the game characters are called here. Battles on the maps take place between two teams 5v5.

After both teams have assembled their “dream team”, they go to the battlefield, where there are 2 bases and 3 attack lines. The main task of the game is to get through one of the lines to the enemy base and destroy the Nexus. Here it is the main building at the enemy base. Whichever team destroys the Nexus first wins. It’s that simple.

Beginners should not take difficult heroes, otherwise, all you will get from the game is a lot of insults from your teammates. Fortunately, the description for the champions indicates the difficulty, so at first, there will be no problems choosing simple characters. Before jumping into the fray, I strongly recommend that you google a build guide for the champion somewhere and keep it in front of your eyes. In the future, you will easily remember what to collect for a particular character, and there will not be any difficulties with pumping and assembling a champion. And now let’s look at the most suitable characters for beginners, depending on their role in the team.

Damage dealers

Damage dealers are the most common champion class in the game. Their main task is to help the tank, which, as a rule, has a lot of health, but does minor damage. You will always have to stay behind the tank and take out as many minions as possible. It would help if you also tried to deal maximum damage to enemy champions using single and massive attacks.

In addition, damage dealers are great for defending the lane. If the enemy team starts to storm your towers, then these are the characters who should stand under them and protect themselves. In this case, in no case do not climb into the crowd of enemies! Your task is to deal with damage at a distance. Otherwise, you will not be of any use to the team.

Best Beginner Champions:

  • Caitlin;
  • Miss Fortune;
  • Morgan;
  • Yumi;
  • Swain.


A class in the game that acts as a living “shield”. The tanks help to storm the lines, but at the same time, they are not required to inflict some kind of crazy damage on the opponents. Their main task is to take a hit and shove ahead with damage dealers and assassins.

As a tank, you don’t have to be afraid of death, but you also don’t have to go into battle. It is quite difficult to play as representatives of this class at the first levels and in duels one on one, you will most likely die. Try to stay close to the tower, pull minions onto yourself and gradually level up. When you have quite a lot of health and pumped skills, then it is with you that the team will begin the assault on enemy lines.

Best Beginner Champions:

  • Gnar;
  • Alistair;
  • Amumu;
  • Poppy;
  • Braum.


As the name implies, this is a character class that is required for support. In this case, they are the main helpers of damage dealers, who are mainly on the bottom line. The main task of support is to help a teammate. It would help if you let the damage dealer finish off the minions so that he gets more gold and pumps faster since these champions pull out the ending of the game, but certainly not the supports.

Also, in this role, you will have to install totems and place wards. At first, you should watch how other players do it. You will immediately receive several compliments from your mother for crookedly placed wards, especially if your teammate starts dying regularly. As a support, you will most likely die often since you need to sacrifice your life so that the damage dealer does not die and lose gold but pumps as quickly as possible. If this role appeals to you, then be sure to try it.

Best Beginner Champions:

  • sona;
  • Karma;
  • Us;
  • Soraka;
  • Lulu.


These characters are perfect for those who like to play alone. Since 70% of the map in League of Legends is covered with forest, a whole class of champions here level exclusively in it and occasionally come out in lane to help teammates. Beginners will find it difficult at first to effectively jump out of the forest and help their tanks and damage dealers. Nevertheless, it is worth learning because, in a good team, there is always a jungler who can turn the tide of the game at the most unexpected moment.

Before taking a jungler, I strongly recommend that you open a guide for one of the heroes and read the order to clear the forest. It contains mobs, the primary “resource” for your pumping. As far as laning support is concerned, you will constantly have to look at the map. As soon as an ally begins to signal that he needs support, you must immediately respond. If it doesn’t work out at first, it’s okay Literally, in a couple of games, the feeling for appropriate and timely bursts will definitely come to the line. The jungler is not the most difficult category of champions in League of Legends , so it is great for beginners.

Best Beginner Champions:

  • Volibear;
  • Amumu;
  • Nautilus;
  • Warwick;
  • Rengar.


In general, such a class is not singled out by the game itself, but it appears solely due to players who equate certain champions with it. Assassins are also damaged dealers, but they have stealth skills. Due to this, they can suddenly burst into battle and quickly eliminate champions from the enemy team.

All assassins in the game have either stealth or invisibility or simply set up hidden traps and then suddenly attack the enemy who hit it. Thanks to these skills, these champions are invisible on the map, which allows them to attack with stealth. Only totems or champions who have the appropriate skills can detect them.

Best Beginner Champions:

  • Akali;
  • Zed;
  • Pike;
  • Ekko;
  • Fizz.


Perhaps one of the main features of League of Legends, which distinguishes it from other MOBAs. Runes are such an artifact that can be hung on a character before the start of the game, and it will give him specific bonuses. You can choose a primary and secondary rune. If we talk about specific bonuses, then they look something like this:

  • Attack accuracy and increased damage;
  • Strengthening skills and resource management;
  • Increased damage and access to the target;
  • Increased strength and control;
  • Cunning and actions are bypassing the rules.

You can choose one main rune and up to three secondary runes in addition to it. It will be difficult for beginners to understand what runes they need immediately, so I recommend testing 10-20 characters right away, then select your favorite ones and figure out what weaknesses they need to strengthen. Only based on this analysis can one think about a set of runes.

At first, you can play comfortably without them, and the deeper you begin to dive into the specifics of League of Legends , the better you will begin to understand which rules are really needed in battle.

Summoner Spells

Another feature of League of Legends , which helps it to differ from the same Dota 2 or any other MOBA . Summoner Spells are 2 essential skills that you can take into battle, and they will always be with you, no matter which champion you choose. You can change these spells before the start of the battle, there are 11 of them in the game, and they open as your account is upgraded.

The list of summoner spells is as follows:

  • Healing (1 level). Heals your champion and nearby ally for 90-354 health and increases haste by 30%.
  • Ghost (level 1). Increases movement speed and makes you invulnerable for 10 seconds;
  • Barrier (level 4). Creates a shield around the champion for 115-455 HP for 2 seconds;
  • Exhaust (level 4). Slows an enemy champion by 30% and reduces their damage by 40% for 3 seconds;
  • Mark (level 6). The champion throws a mark that illuminates the map and deals 15-100 damage to the enemy Hero it hits. You also gain the ability to Dash for 3 seconds to quickly jump towards the enemy;
  • Clarity (level 6). Restores 50% mana to your champion and 25% to the nearest ally;
  • Leap (level 7). The champion jumps to the specified point up to 400 units;
  • Teleport (level 7). Teleports your champion to a building, minion, or totem over 4 seconds;
  • Kara (level 9). Deals 390-1000 damage to an enemy and grants your champion health regeneration;
  • Purification (level 9). Removes all negative effects from your champion and grants 65% tenacity for 3 seconds;
  • Ignite (level 9). It sets an enemy champion on fire and deals 70-410 damage over 5 seconds.

Initially, you will use Heal and Ghost, since they are available from the first level, and in the future, the choice of summoner spells is up to you. I would recommend changing these skills depending on the class of the champion. Well, suppose you don’t want to focus on them (which is actually a big mistake). In that case, you can use, for example, Teleport for fast movement along with Ignition for additional damage or Blink to quickly run away from the fights and Karoo, again, for increased overall damage.

Combinations can be anything, and in this regard, League of Legends gives a lot of options for assembling to your preferences.

On this, perhaps, we will end. If you have played League of Legends or are still actively playing it, then be sure to write what else you would advise newcomers or just talk about the game in the comments. Perhaps we will start releasing currently relevant guides for specific champions in the future.


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